Sunday, January 20, 2008

Does God Save Those in Hell?


There is growing evidence that health-care practices need to be changed after having had a near-death experience. The majority of experiencers turn from allopath medicine (M.D.s) to more natural means, such as homeopathy, herbs, vitamins and minerals, supplements, massage, aura and chakra healing, spiritual healing, Reiki and similar treatments, naturopathy, and so forth. Acupuncturists, for instance, have found that if they switch the needles they use from stainless steel to gold with experiencers, they have much better results and quicker - suggesting that the energy field changes in these people afterward.

Just last week another case came to my attention. A child experiencer of a near-death state, now grown, developed lupus. Her condition became quite serious and she was admitted to a hospital. She was part of my original study of child experiencers, so she had the presence of mind to question the physician and tell him about her long-ago episode. The physician knew about near-death research and was very interested, talking to her at length. He then switched her medication to another substance altogether, lowered the dose, and ......she quickly recovered and was able to return home where she is doing fine, much to the amazement of everyone. Thank God for the physician who was acquainted with near-death research! He knew that one of the aftereffects is the loss or lessening of tolerance to pharmaceuticals, and he immediately changed her medicine accordingly.

Like the experiencer in this situation, who told her doctor that she was a child experiencer of a near-death state, WE ALL MUST SPEAK UP AND TRAIN OUR MEDICAL PEOPLE. Many still don't know. Please recommend "The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences." Much of the information they need is in the book, especially for child experiencers who are still young, and with those who have grown.

Thank you, PMH


"Do you believe in salvation, in regards to NDEs. From what you have learned, does God save those in Hell?

I am sorry for the continuous barrage of questions I have sent you but I am having a spiritual crisis at the moment."...Jonathan (This question is but one of many Jonathan asked, still, all of them basically focused on the same thing, which this one question summarizes.)


Jonathan, I wish you would read the chapter entitled "Revelations" in my book "Beyond the Light." That chapter not only condenses thousands of near-death experiencer accounts, it presents that greater, broader perspective the vast majority of experiencers return with. I know it would help you. For now, though, let me speak first as a researcher and then as an experiencer.

Research of near-death states shows us some amazing things. One of the most amazing is that, with heaven and hell, there appears to be no end-point - no one is ever stuck or stays forever in any given dimension or place or level. Thus, heaven and hell are open-ended, which suggests progress and learning with more to come. We can "wake up," no matter where we are. We can forgive and be forgiven. We can advance and there is always further to go.

No religion on earth, no revelation anyone has ever given to us of the afterlife, including from mediums and the deathbed, is broad enough or big enough or incredible enough to cover or describe what is really there. And no religion can limit, control, change, or alter the depths of utter magnificence to the "Big Picture." All anyone has ever been able to do is glimpse the hugeness of what exists on the Other Side of death. Because of the conditions under which near-death experiences occur, and the fact that experiencers come from every age level, culture, status, or intelligence, the phenomenon of near-death offers the world a powerful testimony about the mysteries of life and death, heaven and hell, Source (Deity).

Remember, though, no single individual has the most to offer or is a perfect source of information about any of this. Rather, it is the sum of the many - the "voice" that emerges from thousands of people, even millions. That voice is the one that speaks as if thunder.

As a person who has died three times in three months and come back each time having had a different near-death experience, I can personally offer this: God is real, prayer is powerful, and love is the greatest force on earth and throughout the universe. I still get teary-eyed to this day whenever I think about what it was like to be in the Presence of God. There are no words, nothing that I can offer you of what that was like, only the total realness of perfection that exists - God's and mine and yours. The memory of that incident powers me; it is my passion and always will be. It is where my energy comes from.

Whatever your spiritual crisis is, relax into your heart and breathe for awhile there - just you and your heart. Tune out the world and be in your heart. Your heart knows who you are, and it knows your next step, for your heart is an extension of your soul. Give yourself the gift of silence, follow your breath into your heart and just be there. Talk to God. God hears and listens. Know that the comfort and guidance you need are yours for the asking. This may not come in the form you expect, but it will come.

I am here to tell you that you are wonderful. You are a Child of God and you are worthy of God's Love and God's Joy. Know that. Feel that. And don't ever forget it.

Blessings, PMH