Thursday, October 23, 2014

Life After A Near-Death Experience


"My name is Anna. I am having trouble experiencing life in the usual subjective way that non-NDE'ers live it. I want to learn this because I live life objectively, and not very connected to my emotions or body. I have childhood trauma I need to heal and I am having difficulty grieving. Would you have any advice, or resources that you could share with me?" 
. . . Anna


First, Anna, I suggest that you contact ACISTE - American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences: their website It's an organization devoted to helping people just like you adapting back to "life as always," or in some manner helping you to create ways that will make a positive difference for you.

Second, I'm going to recommend my book, The New Children and Near-Death Experiences. Although the book starts out comparing near-death kids to the new kids (those born since around 1982), keep reading. It covers in-depth both the experience and the aftereffects of childhood experiencers, plus it has a large resource section in the back of the book. For adult experiencers, I recommend Coming Back to Life or Beyond the Light, as both of these books have extensive Resource Sections in the back.

Some of the things that I found made a definitive difference in my life after three near-death experiences:

  • relearning how to think (which I did by taking the SOM-1 class of the Church of Religious Science (now called Centers for Spiritual Living). This class teaches the basic methods for how to do affirmative prayers; in essence, you learn how to think. 
  • learn many different styles of meditation/contemplation/visualization. Extremely valuable training - I use these yet today.
  • revamp my diet totally - no sugar, no soy, no pork/ham/wild meats; switched to more veggies and more organic chicken/fish/beef, no desserts, careful with breads, nothing to drink but water, milk (organic), some juices . 
  • spend more time outdoors, especially in nature. Relearned how to do everything I could, which meant I was in all kinds of classes and workshops. 
  • began to discover other near-death experiencers and those like me and did group work with them or was around them a lot.

I did all of this until I could get my bearings and make more definitive decisions that would work for me. I was rather radical about that, for I challenged everything in my environment, retesting soaps, sheets, dishes, cooking utensils, furniture, shoes, clothes - you name it, I challenged how it was made, what it consisted of, and whether or not it was truly right for me. Which means. . . I tossed a lot of stuff. I also went to two professionals, one a psychiatrist and the other a therapist. The psychiatrist invited me to attend a Saturday group session where others would be there. I went. This was one of the wisest decisions I ever made. . . because it helped me to see myself in others. With the therapist, I went four times, to help me gain further perspective. However, I received far more help and direction going the spiritual route, plus cleaning up what I put into my body and how I thought.

Not certain if the route I took will work for you. Still, there are some good hints in what I've shared that may prove helpful. Many blessings, PMH

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