Wednesday, March 01, 2023

 EXPERIENCER THOUGHTS (plus a drawing)

My theory on my personal experience of two NDEs:

If you look at how Edgar Cayce defines your Guardian Angel, it is quite similar to the definition of Higher Self.  Just take a look at his reading on it:

“(Q) Is it through the guardian angel that God speaks to the individual?  (A) As He has given:  “Abide in me and I in you, and as the Father abides in me, so may we make our abode with you.”

“Then as the guardian influence or angel is ever before the face of the Father, through same may that influence ever speak - but only by that which is your ideal.  (This is a strange but significant Cayce teaching.  We must know our heart, our motivations for they act like a standard in us, an ideal that we live by.  If that ideal is selfish, then we can’t expand our consciousness or raise our bodily energies.  Watch how Cayce goes on in the next sentences).

“What is thy ideal?  In whom have you believed, as well as in what have you believed?  Is that in which you have believed able to keep ever before you that you commit unto Him?

“Yes - through your angel, through yourself that is the angel - does that self speak with your Ideal!”  (ECRL 1646-1)

In other words, EC was saying our Higher Self is our Guardian Angel (or guardian influence) and is the aspect of our being that is “[...] ever before the face of the Father.”

Sounds like Angels of the Presence mentioned in the Bible, right?

Well, in both my NDEs at ages 6 and 15, a “giant hand” took my Essence through a tunnel and before the presence of the “face of the Father.”  (In my experiences, though, God was feminine, masculine, and ALL in One),

Both times I had Conversations with God, after which the “giant hand” (and that’s only the best way I can describe it, as it “felt” like a giant hand, but did not look like anything in particular), brought me back through the “tunnel” (which was really more like “elastic energy,” is how I put it,) and back into my physical body, and I was resuscitated both times.

I was thinking about all of this today, because someone reached out to me to ask me about my NDEs, and for some reason, it all clicked like a beautifully brilliant display. . . the “tunnels” are ME!”

The Hand of God took hold of my Essence and brought me through the various layers of my own being, up to my Higher Self, or my Guardian Angel, aka the highest aspect of my being that is “ever before the face of the Father” to Speak with God.

I need to meditate more on this….but….thoughts.”....Gema

Gema also sent this drawing in sepia colors so all of you could better grasp what she is saying.  …PMH

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