Saturday, March 02, 2024

Knowing God


***  It is time now to reserve your room at the Sheraton Grand At Wild Horse Pass in Phoenix, AZ for the big IANDS Conference there August 28 – September 1.  My husband and I have.  Hope you do it too.  I will be speaking there, as concerns my latest research and book:  ALIENS AND THE NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE.  See you there! 

***  I must have all the stories from people who want to participate in thisnew research by March 20.  What I am looking for are those peoplewho, either during their near-death experience, or within one year after, experienced an alien.  Send me your story along with “permission to use,” and send to  Thank you!


The first is from Claudio.

“I listened to a Podcast with you about the near-death experience of young children, which was very interesting.  I got therefore some questions I would like to ask you.  

“In your experience there is a God, but is it a god in a Christian sense, the God we know from the Bible?  You told that many people also saw Jesus.  Many other people describe that they have seen Godness, light and love, an unconditional love and felt very warm and welcome.  I have got big problems with the Christian Dogma, that you can also come to Heaven if you believe in God and Jesus.  Isn’t God greater than that and welcomes everyone?  The God from the Bible, especially the old chapters, is also full of anger and revenge, but I think the real God is much kind-hearted benevolent.

“Do you need to believe in what’s written in the Bible or can you also pray to God without reading the Bible.  I think the Church did change so much in the Bible, which was originally part of it also for reasons of the power.  There must be more and different texts which changed a lot.  They say also that reincarnation was part of it.  Do you believe in reincarnation?  I got a lot of questions, mainly because there are so many things I don’t like in the Bible, and I am sure God is much greater than that.  It would be very kind of you if you could answer me.  But it is not urgent.  Thank you very much.”....Claudio  

My Answer:

You’re asking very big questions for just a little e-mail reply.  There’s no way I can cover the type of answer I would love to give.

Well over 90% of near-death experiencers young and older, actually closer to 95%, come back knowing God.  Notice I did not say “believe.”  There is no more belief.  You now know, and you know the God met in dying is so big and so incredible there simply are no words to describe what that power is.  Most of us still call that God, but many also quit using that term.  I often call it That Which Breathes Me.  God, that sense of hugeness, isness, power beyond power, is far more, far greater than any Holy Book, Religion, or even Thought of Religion.  Yes, most of us still use terms like God, prayer, holiness; still, what other terms might you use?  There are many, yes, but none of them really do the job, so we all do what we can.  You will enjoy the book I have written, about my own story and what I have learned and how my life is now (EDGE WALKER:  THE MANY LIVES AND DEATHS OF PMH WATER).  Truly, when one comes back from a near-death experience, you’re no longer who you once were.  Most of us come to realize we are now co-creators with the Creator.  That’s our job, and we do that to the best of our ability.  For a better sense of how this might be, I suggest you read WE LIVE FOREVER (a little book I wrote after the death of our grandchild).  There’s a lot in that little book that speaks directly to your questions.


Of course, read THE FOREVER ANGELS (for a better deeper look at what the youngest amongst us experience - - not exactly like older experiencers - - opening for us a new door about the subject. 

 The second is from Rebecca.

“My two husbands who passed, reached me from the other side.  One appeared in a watermark in the sky in a beautiful gold gilded picture frame against the backdrop of the North Cascades, while I was driving North on I-5 to Walmart.  He has a beautiful head full of black thick wavy hair and was grinning ear-to-ear.  I do not take drugs.  I am fully alert and oriented, as I am a Certified Nursing Assistant taking spiritual practitioner classes and Reiki classes - both feet are on the ground.  This was after six-and-a-half years of dealing with stage four non-small-cell- adenocarcinoma.  He was given six months.  He lived six years.  By the end atheaxia set in, a medial brain shift 35 tumors in the brain and metastasis in bones on eight side of body b.  A stroke, the docs said he’ll be a vegetable, but I knew.  He came out just to see his family from India,  Mauritius, and then passed when we all left him for a half-hour.  My second husband appeared in a waking dream, very real, with a long loving transcendent gaze, the kind that will last you a good month if you only gave water to drink.  They both visit in dreams.  Thank you for your work.”.....Rebecca