Saturday, August 03, 2019

Who is Jesus Really According to NDEs


 “I’ve recently purchased your book “Dying to Know You,” and I’ve just started to read it  -because I’m really interested in the person of God found in near-death experiences.

“But what I’m wondering about is, who is Jesus really according to NDEs? Is he just a molded figure by the Being of Light so that the Christians who pass through might feel more comfortable in their process of dying? Is he really God or a part of God? Was he just a good man or did he exist at all? Thanks.”....Marius


Many people are visited during their near-death experience by Jesus. I was one of them (during my second NDE). There is no doubt in my case and in most of the other cases I have investigated, that the being who came to you you instantly knew was Jesus. No doubt. You just knew. Yet, as a researcher, I must say that if you have the experiencer draw the Christ-like figure who came, you cannot tell any of the drawings apart - regardless of the person’s background or country of origin. There is even an interesting anomaly in my next book due out this September (The Forever Angels). Three child experiencers, now mature adults and looking back over their life to assess meaning, said they knew instantly it was Jesus. . . even though they were raised in Voodoo cultures and never heard that name before and were unfamiliar with Christianity! You have to ask yourself. . . how could they know the name, how could they know the figure and what he represents? Yet they did. They didn’t know the Bible but they knew Jesus.

 If you read various encyclopedia passages quoted from material kept in the Vatican, you get an entirely different view and history of the man we today call Jesus. I talk about some of this early history in Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story (toward the back of the book). The early Bibles did not carry the same story of Jesus that today’s Bibles do. All of this underwent a huge change in the 3rd Century. The Catholic Church added passages to the Bible that were not originally there, but met their needs during periods of history when they manipulated followers. The more you study the early church as well as the beginnings of other faiths, the more you wonder about “the truth of what we’ve been told.” Whether or not you agree with “the beginnings” of any faith, the fact is a loving being of light came to many, and those many sometimes call the figure Jesus.

Does seeing Jesus during a near-death experience make it easier to die? Not necessarily. More experiencers see a being of light or an angel or predeceased relatives than see Jesus. Just having a near-death experience, irrespective of imagery, changes your perspective about almost everything. The pattern of aftereffects validate the experience in ways few people realize. It’s the aftereffects that have the biggest effect, not just the experience.

I hope this observation helps you. Blessing, PMH

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