Saturday, June 11, 2022

Educate Yourself


“I am so grateful I came across your work.  It is indeed the missing piece of the puzzle I had been waiting for all my life.  I discovered I had a near-death experience at 1 ½  years old.  I engaged in psychosynthesis therapy, and the therapist, who also was a professional aura analyst, sent me home to investigate early trauma by asking my parents if something happened.  And the story came up.  I was 36 years old asking this question.  The therapist made sense of that by describing why my energy field was over developed in the higher regions (mind, imagination, etc.) and very poorly developed down below (grounding). 


“She helped to make sense of a lot of my ‘components,’ but your work makes everything definitely clear.

“As a child I could see  future events, told them to family in details, spent hours consciously space/time traveling and meeting entities.  Nobody  could explain how come I could speak and read English (I am Italian).  I felt different from other kids and was able to do the homework assignments for the entire class in less than an hour.  I was hypersensitive and cried at each rain because trees would get wet.  It took my mum a few trips to a psychiatrist to assure me it was okay.  I could not sleep for an entire year when I was 10.  I never felt part of my family.  They would come to me to diagnose symptoms and get touched or massaged.  I don’t remember having to learn to write, read, or swim.  It just came natural.  Later on, I watched for example the periodic table and was able to memorize it all.  And the next day was confident with chemical formulas of any type.  To this day I can’t explain how I did it, but it’s very much as you say, elements and formulas just appeared and I could see them.  Just wrote them down in front of the class.  

“My mum was sometimes desperate and could not deal with my weirdness.  That meant more trips to neuropsychiatrist and child psychologist.  I grew up increasingly dimming this light to fit in.  I remember purposely doing mistakes at school to be the same as other children of my age.  I succeeded in this and it led me to codependency and feeling of inadequacy that I carry on my soul to this day.  

“I am 50 as I write this.  I still have occasional astral travel so to say, most of times I find myself in clinical highly technological environment where I go every night for weeks,  I sometimes do this for months.  While awake, sometimes I still feel myself in random places with people I know, but also I don’t know, and I am just there as an observer.  I usually don’t know what to do with these experiences.  I wish there was a way to integrate them as they have a strong impact on my physical body (feeling tired, drained, spaced out, sad). 

“I think your work is THE missing piece.  I am forever grateful to have come across it.  Blessings”....Katia


Everyone who thinks they may have had a near-death experience between birth and age 5, on some occasions going up to age nine, you must read THE FOREVER ANGELS:  NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES IN CHILDHOOD AND THEIR LIFELONG IMPACT.  Then read THE NEW CHILDREN AND NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES (there is a large Resource Section in the back, helpful suggestions).  If you are puzzled about the newest generation of today’s children, read CHILDREN OF THE FIFTH WORLD:  A GUIDE TO THE COMING CHANGES IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS - and - BEYOND THE INDIGO CHILDREN:  THE NEW CHILDREN AND THE COMING OF THE FIFTH WORLD.

All of these books are based on solid research, as is anything I do.  My background as a cop’s kid raised in a police station, is police investigative techniques.  Also, I died three times in 1977, each time having a different near-death experience.  In my third NDE I was told by a Voice I call The Voice Like None Other, to research near-death and spiritual experiences.  For a larger version of my story, go to and look 

up I DIED THREE TIMES IN 1977 - THE REST OF THE STORY.  To date I have written 18 books on or about near-death and spiritual experiences, with number 19 still in progress (a memoir).  Go to my website for my information,  

I’ve been doing this work for 44 years, always loyal to what I was told to do.  Please know that the aftereffects of such experiences, especially for the young, are massive.  They don’t know the difference, why they are “odd” and may stand out or not fit in with others.  Educate yourself.  The information you need is available.  You can always contact the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) for more information, also with adults -  

Please send this information “out there,” to other countries elsewhere.

THE BIG BOOK OF NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES is an encyclopedia of the entire field, worldwide, and is available any and everywhere.  All proceeds go to IANDS.  Yes I wrote it, but I gave the copyright to IANDS so the book would always reach its audience, and more.

Blessings, PMH