Saturday, March 02, 2019

Past Lives and Near-Death Experiences

“Have you discussed or written about a weird side-effect of NDEs which (at least for me) is about having real memories of another life (three, in my case) that is so much a forefront in dreams that one is pressed to investigate?  I just got a highly trained, respected channeler/medium to look into one of my weird 19th century obsessions, giving no other details. After I received the information back - it cost me $19 to access British Archives, and four hours later of exhausted digging to find ALL THE FACTS the medium mentioned as to who I was.  Freaked me out - birth date, death date, place, occupation, etc. WOW! Just curious! Thank you. I just ordered your last book. Yippee!!”....Robin K.

    First of all, thank you for buying one of my books.  Always glad to hear such news. Secondly, the answer to your question is….very seldom.

    What is true across the board is that near-death experiencers come to realize and to know that there are many worlds, many dimensions, many types of being.  About 50% accept reincarnation as real and start to query and investigate. The others do not. Within the last few years, however, I am noticing that the fringes of life, of metaphysics, of the esoteric, even of mediumship, are becoming more of an interest than ever before.  Some experiencers are even becoming mediums or psychics themselves. This is new, and it is uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because meetings and conferences about or with experiencers should first emphasize the phenomenon itself and its pattern of aftereffects. Once people can better grasp this, then we can explore deviations and how near-death experiencers come to explore a gamut of subjects, revealing as they do that the experiencers themselves are now more psychic and intuitive than they were before, and more spiritual.
    The average person (besides experiencers) is now opening up to a much larger venue of truths and is finding out that just to be a human being, a healthy curious one, means you are far more capable than you ever considered.  This is one of the reasons A Manual for Developing Humans was written - to show everyone that just to be a human being, just that, means you have spiritual/psychic gifts and a consciousness that is not defined by time or distance or ability.  Breakthroughs in consciousness and altered states research, and in better understanding near-death experiences, plus the whole venue of events and/or trainings that can open up centers of knowing within you, are now the subject of rigid scientific experiments. . . that show the reality of such states.

    So, in your own world, you have admitted “memories” of other time frames, other lifetimes.  And you took steps to investigate this. Please, never depend on any one source, no matter how accurate or striking.
Try other sources too, other ways to investigate.  One of the best is to be taken back in time by a good hypnotherapist, someone with the training and background to know what he or she is doing - especially if that person is a transpersonal hypnotherapist (the best type).  If you are with a good hypnotherapist, that’s where you can make real strides in exploring your own soul and the path your soul has taken throughout time. Again, contact multiple sources. It is so easy to deceive oneself, easier than you might think.  You can get the same information, sometimes better, just from dreams or from various types of classes that cover this material.
    I’m glad your first attempt proved successful.  Now, go further, then further still. You have opened a “door.”  Open more. Read. Learn. Take classes. Pray. Meditate. Step one is to excite you, like putting a worm on a hook when you go fishing.  There’s so much more to each and every one of us. We are each a rich source of memory, of history, of the joy of being. Never lose sight of that.  Blessings, PMH


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