Friday, January 04, 2019

New Thought Spiritualty


    “I have been a Christian virtually all of my life.  I feel that now, because of all of the information I have gathered in just over a year of research, that I want to follow a more New Age spiritualist type of path, focusing on God, or the universe.  I feel it is the way to go. The information I have gathered overwhelmingly says it is the way to go. I have shared my thoughts with others in hopes that more of them will be interested in researching, comparing Christianity to New Age Spiritualism, as well.  It seems that each time I ask God to help me remember my dreams, the next morning I indeed receive messages - a meditation mantra, or a wise thought to share. I have done very little research on spiritual ascension. I only research it because I feel unusual symptoms - such as back pain, nausea, ‘panic attacks,’ and rather uncharacteristic mood swings.  Although I haven’t meditated much these past few days, when I meditate directly to God, I feel stronger, lighter, and once or twice I felt as if my face was glowing. I couldn’t see it, but that is what it felt like. These things are very unusual for me. I have told my friends to meditate or pray directly to God, with mixed responses. Am I doing the right thing?  I guess what I’m asking is, personally, and off the record, would you say New Age Spirituality is the way to go? What do you think of praying directly to God?”....Shawn

    My goodness, Shawn, wherever did you get a title like “New Age Spirituality”?  Please toss the label “New Age.” It doesn’t fit and it’s not what you want. That kind of path will take you in all kinds of directions but mostly without true reason or purpose.  Insert, instead, the title “New Thought.” Now you’re going somewhere uplifting and positive that really means something incredibly wondrous.

    New Thought ideas and practices began in the 1800s, and really took root in this country from 1840 on.  All of those we call “transcendentalists” were actually New Thought people - folks like Thoreau, Quimby, Emerson, Ernest Holmes, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, plus many more.  New Thought people know, absolutely know, they can heal themselves or learn to, that going to doctors and depending on medication is not necessarily the best way to cure anything - certainly this can help, but going to God directly can inspire and uplift and “cure” in ways many of us never thought of before.  You do not have to go through an emissary to speak to God. You can go direct. Prayer is powerful! And God is only a breath away! Churches promoting New Thought ideas are Unity (started by the Fillmores) and Centers of Spiritual Living (originally called “Science of Mind” churches, inspired by Ernest Holmes).  Both offer a large array of classes (available online as well), Sunday Services, plus an almost unbelievable array of opportunities for you to do your own research and find your own truth. With both of these places, their work, is based on the real fundamentals of spiritual thought and spiritual living.  God is the God of all. We are all here to become co-creators with the Creator.  This is the message of the near-death experience and of a spiritual awakening.

    Read everything you can.  Practice meditation and prayer, even mindfulness and on a regular basis.  Explore. There are many ways to plug into places that will enrich your life and help others.  Having a reading or exploring the arts of astrology, numerology, and other talents of “knowing” are great, and often helpful, but don’t get stuck with any of them.  They are but fascinating reminders of a larger truth that lies beyond our knowing.  
    Remember, you are a child of God.  You and this wonderful world of ours are miracles.  ~PMH


*** I will be going to London, England, the first week of March this year.  My talk on Resurrection:  The Near-Death Experience As Never Seen Before is scheduled for 4 pm on Saturday March 2.  Other activities start out at 3 pm.  Then on Sunday I will give a workshop based on A Manual For Developing Humans, 4:30 to 7 pm.  That Wednesday there will be An Adventure in Consciousness (a morepersonal time for everyone).  For all details, where, schedule, cost, contact Daniel at  Many of my books will be there for purchase too, including info about my newest, due out this September.  I hope to see many of you there.  ~PMH

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