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The Gifts of Creation


“I’d like to know your opinion about a tough question that I’ve been asking to myself since many years ago.  Based on the voices of NDE survivors, and based on the voices of so many spiritual people, it seems that we’re here, in this time, in this place, in this body, because we have to “learn” something from the experiences we are facing during our lifetime.

“What is extremely difficult from my side is:  we came from a place where we were united with God, a place that is beyond any possible description - with no duality, no space, no time.  There I think we have the possibility to learn anything - directly from the source.

“What’s the point to leave that place and to come into existence with sorrow, fear, death?  To learn what? Yes, there are many other beautiful things in life, I’m not implying a pessimistic vision of life here.  What do you think about it? Does it make sense my question? Thanks for your time.”....Davide in Italy


To find out if there are IANDS groups in Italy, please contact IANDS Headquarters at  They have all addresses and contact people around the world in their data bank - at least those who have contacted them or registered with them.

Friend, you are asking the kind of questions that require a lot of study and experience even to just understand.  Begin with esoteric philosophy. There are many sources. Also key into metaphysical material, spiritual material, sacred teachings, and what is often called “elder lore” or the teachings of the Elders of The Mystery Schools.  There is no central voice or teaching, thus, to even get basic material requires looking around, reading what you can, taking whatever classes feel right, then “doing it” - by that I mean learning how to meditate, contemplate, practice mindfulness, prayer, perhaps yoga, get outdoors more for nature “loudly” declares the simple but best path to the heart of your being.

Stories that spread across our vision from all these sources and
more, speak to a truth that we, as souls, have come to Earth and the realms of matter, to become co-creators with the Creator.  In the Bible, for instance, it says and quite plainly “Ye are gods in the making.” Now, that sounds pretty heavy duty, until you draw back and take a step or two.  Look at your own life. Is it not true that whatever you do there’s a learning present - something for you to gain or lose from - to learn? Has not every moment of your life been an opportunity just waiting for you to make a move, say something, search for clues or answers, try out different ideas, stretch to new heights or fall to new lows?  Hasn’t every moment, every situation, led you somewhere or opened a door or caused you to question or think or create or try or achieve?


    Why not?

    Read my book Future Memory.  There’s a lot of answers in there, or at least ideas that ring true or at least cause you to think - maybe in a different way.  Like about the soul. Like about free will. Like about consciousness. Like about bodies and why we have them and what they’re for.  Like about God. Yes, we get the “curriculum” over there, but we work out the details and howtos of creation here.  Here is where we form our muscles, try out things, experiment with ideas, experience the gifts of creation - what it is and how it feels and what it’s for.

    There is a River by Thomas Sugrue, is a good read too.  Although it tells the story of Edgar Cayce, “the sleeping prophet” (one of the greatest psychics to have lived), it has a section in the back on philosophy - that which came through Cayce while he was in trance about the whys of it all and what creation is.  You may enjoy reading it. I try in all my books to give references, suggest sources. Another you might try is my latest A Manual for Developing Humans.  There’s a lot of whys explained in its pages.

    I don’t know what is available in Italy, but I would look for IANDS    groups, Edgar Cayce A.R.E. groups (Association for Research and Enlightenment - there is a contact for it in the Marketplace of my website -  Also check for churches or study groups of The Center for Spiritual Living (used to be called the Church of Religious Science or Science of Mind Church), and the Unity Church.  All of these give the kind of metaphysical/spiritual teachings that are positive and uplifting and usable in everyday life. Excellent sources. You might also consider subscribing to my free monthly newsletter (on my website).  I try to cover a great deal of different topics and refer to great books. There is an Archive, if you want to view past issues.

    Hope this whets your curiosity about looking around and trying out a few study groups.  There are outstanding opportunities to learn - everywhere. The more you pray, the more you meditate, the more you open up to that wellspring of wisdom within you, the more the very heavens light up in your life.

 ‘Tis a path of joy. Blessings, PMH

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