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NDEs and Religion


“I recently heard a podcast episode from the Grimerica Show, in which you were a guest.  It was both fascinating to hear your history, the things you have experienced, and the books you have written.  Since then, I have scoured your website and tried to discover your religious and spiritual beliefs.  I saw that you had taken part in Affirmative Prayer with the Unity Church.  Is that the church you are a part of?  I also read a lot about the Unity Church on their website.  It seems like they are focused on having a mindful and joyous life through prayer and meditation and embracing the spiritual natures in all of us.  The church I am a part of is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  The most common nickname for my church is the Mormon Church.  It was fascinating to see the similarities between my beliefs and yours, and even within the Unity Church.  Although my religion doesn’t focus on meditation and the metaphysical, it was interesting to hear you say that as “Hu-Mans,” we are gods in the making.  We, too, believe that.  We believe that God made us in His Own Image, and that we were sent to Earth to learn and grow so that we can prepare to become like Him someday.  

“It is interesting to see how you intertwine common religious beliefs, like God, Jesus Christ, and prayer with metaphysical practices such as runes and studying energies, chakras, and so forth.  I believe there is so much that we do not understand about this world, and that there are energies and spiritual aspects of this life that interact with us.  I am curious to know your thoughts concerning Christian beliefs mixing them with other non-traditional beliefs that I had mentioned in the paragraph above.  The man that we believe restored our gospel in the modern day, Joseph Smith, had few Seer Stones that helped him translate many ancient texts, and also was a big part in receiving revelation.  Thus, I do not believe that stones or runes are hogwash.  I just do not know if I would have the ability to access such power from God.

“This was an email that jumped all over the place!  Sorry for that.  In conclusion, I guess I am just curious about how all of your religions and spiritual beliefs come together.  If you do not have the time or ability to reply, I understand.  I think you have a very fascinating life, and I appreciate all that you do to help others in this life.”



Lexi, there is no way in a simple e-mail that I could possibly answer your letter in the manner it deserves.  So, forgive me for being brief.

I have a long and varied religious background.  I was born of a Catholic mother who later left the church, was raised by Norwegian Lutherans, and became a Methodist - after I had visited every church in town to find out who they were, what they believe, and why.  While I was engaged to my then-sweetheart, I became a Morman and remained a Morman for a while.  After changing how I felt about my sweetheart, I remained a Morman “to make sure what I really believed.”  After much study and prayer, I legally left (filled out the necessary documents) because deeply in my heart of hearts I could not accept the Pearls of Great Price or the Morman doctrines.  I then joined the Methodist Church on a day when I can honestly say God was fully in charge (I have an article about that day in the Article Section of my website).  My former husband and I were married in the Methodist Church.  All our children were baptized in the Methodist Church.  Then the day came when, as a family, and in family counsel, we decided to leave the church and each one was then free to choose any church or any way of belief they wanted.  Over the years, my former husband (who was a Morman) became a Catholic.  My oldest became a Taoist, second child a metaphysician (later returning to her Methodist roots), and the youngest became a Lutheran.

Before I died, I found that I could no longer follow the religions of my youth and early adulthood.  I began an in-depth study of Eastern Religions, metaphysical and esoteric paths, ancient traditions of various types including Native American, plus the process of transformations of consciousness.  This new way of thinking opened up doors that were not only incredible but made sense.  I had three kundalini breakthroughs, explored past lives, and started Idaho’s first non-profit metaphysical/spiritual corporation called “Inner Forum.”  For a decade I pretty-much ran Inner Forum; over 3,000 lives were touched, not to mention classes held, workshops, experiments, testing techniques.  Never was it what worked for me, what I could do.  Always it was how did this work for others.  How were they touched - what worked and made a difference in people’s lives - and what did not.  It was a heady time.  Then I died.  This ended everything.  I now knew God and I knew who I was.  Oneness was and continues to be my path.  I met my present husband and twin soul at a Zen Meditation Meeting.  We were married six weeks later.  That was 38 years ago.  Our marriage gets better and better with every passing year.  We both enjoy our local Unity Church, and any Centers of Spiritual Living we can find (formerly called the Church of Religious Science).  Mostly we enjoy living God and filling our lives, every day, with joy.  My latest work, A Manual for Developing Humans, has within it many of the things I learned since I died, and much more.  A “gift” to anyone who gets ahold of it. 

Blessings, PMH

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