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Always There is Life


“I hope you can find the time to reply.  I have been researching NDEs for the last five years, and I’m relatively familiar with the ‘big cases’ like Pam Reynolds.  I have days when I believe strongly in the survival hypothesus and other days when I’m not so certain.  I’ve looked for your own NDE but I could not find anything on the Internet about it.  I’d like to know what you experienced during your NDE.  My personal question to you (and I realize it is subjective), in light of the evidence, what do you think is the probability of an afterlife?”....Nabeel.


Please read The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences to have a more well-rounded picture of the near-death phenomenon worldwide.  That book  is the closest thing in the field of near-death studies to an encyclopedia.  It will give you a greater understanding of not only the phenomenon, but of the adults and children who undergo both the experience and its aftereffects.  As far as my own experience, you can find the small book I wrote about it on Amazon.Com.  The title is I Died Three Times in 1977 - The Complete Story.  It will not cost much to buy it.

Do I think there is an afterlife?  Yes and no.  No in the sense of how we regard life after death by calling it an “afterlife.”  Yes in the sense that life is unending.  We existed before we came into a physical body.  We exist now.  And we will continue to exist long after our body has dropped aside.  The word “afterlife” is directional, implying that life follows a straight arrow - starting at birth and continuing on with some type of progression after death.  I find that type of thinking not in keeping with what tens of thousands, even millions of people, have personally experienced.  The one most repeated phrase experiencers said after their near-death episode was. . . “Always there is life.”  Now, read those words very carefully once again.  If what these legions of people have said is true, and I believe it is, then how can there be a before life, a now life, and an afterlife?  ALWAYS THERE IS LIFE says quite plainly, we have always existed, we exist now, and we will continue to exist. . . in some form in some place in some dimension.  Eternity is Home.  We left the Godhead and we go back to the Godhead.  The Christian Bible says “We are gods in the making.”  Mystics and those so transformed tell us “We are co-creators with the Creator.”

Afterlife?  Why not change that idea to Always Life, eternal and forever.  PMH


“What do vegetative states say about NDEs?  Studies showed that people in vegetative states are able to process information just like those who are fully able, which hints toward how veridical perception is just a mind model.  What are your thoughts on this?  If life is about learning lessons or to love, how can a vegetative person do either of those?  Can you also cover the topic of comas as well?  They are temporary vegetative states, but I am also curious about them.”....Magnus


My research has shown me that people in coma (if the soul is still in residence), can still have full or nearly full consciousness capacity.  What they lack is the ability to convey that consciousness in a way that can be recognized by others or pass medical tests.  Most, when they revive, are able to recount what they heard, who they saw, describe things in the kind of detail that establishes that somehow, someway, they must have been able to see, hear, feel, touch, sense, perceive, intuit, and remember - perhaps on another level.  The important point here is:  if the soul is still in residence.  Some experiencers describe being gone for a while, then coming back to the body, maybe staying, then leaving again.  Apparently a person’s soul has a full range of choices, and will respond in a way that best serves the moment, those who are present, and the soul’s will.

People who are vegetative tend to remain vegetative.  Again, the condition depends on whether or not the soul is in residence.  You can usually tell.  If the individual is responsive in creative ways with bright, inquisitive eyes, the soul is probably still there.  But if the individual is rote, repetitive, somehow blank or robotic, the soul is probably absent.  This can shift, though, in a second when and if the soul returns.  This state also depends a lot on drugs used.  If an individual cannot handle drugs that were given, they could slip into one of these states.  Only time and various types of exercises/experiments can establish brain response.  But even then, you cannot be certain.  Sometimes, only the heart knows.


“I have read into George Rodonaia’s NDE.  There are conflicting accounts.  In some accounts, the baby that was dropped after birth [George saw this while out-of-body] is a girl and in other cases the baby is described as a boy.  Some say the baby had a broken arm; others say a broken hip.  Some accounts recall the baby as the child of a neighbor, and some say a friend (though I do admit those are not mutually exclusive).  I just want to get this story straight.  Which one is it?  Did Rodonaia give conflicting accounts, or was it just a mistake in the process of recording what happened to him?”....Magnus


Your's are good questions.  I was the first researcher to publish George Rodonaia’s account - in my book, Beyond the Light.  I sent him a copy of what I initially wrote about him to make certain every detail I wrote about was completely correct.  We had numerous meetings later and appeared on several television shows together.  He never changed his account from what I wrote.  Then, years later, I started hearing other researchers carrying somewhat different versions and claiming their’s was the correct one.  I really don’t understand any of this.  Both George and his wife Nino spoke of their friend giving birth to a daughter whose hip was broken by a nurse who wasn’t paying attention and dropped the baby.  The nurse was fired.  X-rays showed the broken hip of the baby, in the exact manner as George had described to the doctors from his hospital room - three days after he had revived from death.  Since my version is the original and was checked by George and signed as such by him with his own hand, I must stick with my version.   Why there is a variance after the passing of years, I do not know.  PMH

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