Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Dynamic of Heaven and Hell, and Study Groups


"Dr. Atwater, what happens to people who commit the ultimate crimes? Is there eternal damnation in the afterlife?. . . Dominic"


No one can say for certain how all of this works on the other side. I know from my research that the majority of those who had hellish or uncomfortable cases were those people who seemed to be sterling figures in their communities, or, at least not the kind of people one would think had a "dark past." Conversely, many of the criminal types, even hard core, that I had sessions with experienced rather beautiful scenarios. . . most often, though, with a really tough life review. Truly, life reviews can be far more horrific or difficult to handle than a hellish episode. When you experience what the other person went through, live through their pain and what happened to their families because of what you did, hey, that's hell.

I can offer you this. Of the thousands of cases I have covered/experiencers I've had sessions with, the dynamic of heaven and hell seems more like a "layer-cake" of levels on the other side, separated by degrees of vibratory frequency. Resonance is the factor. By that I mean, after death you move or are attracted to that level that matches your own rate of vibratory energy. Like attracts like. Still, there seems to be no top or bottom to the system. Rather, it appears as if open-ended. As such, choice and change reign. In other words, you cannot stay in hell forever any more than you than you can play harps on a cloud in heaven forever. As an open-ended system, an active dynamic based on choice and change, this system seems incredibly beautiful to me and is far more fair than anything anyone could possibly imagine. God/Allah/Deity seems far bigger than our little minds and far more dynamic in providing opportunities for us that move in accordance with our highest good and the highest good of all concerned. Not our will. The Greater Will. Blessings, PMH


"I just love your book. All that you talk about in this book applies to me, as I believe I have experienced more than one NDE. It is so accurate and yet not understood by doctors. I recently had some very vivid dreams associated with a 'burn-out' condition. Psychiatrists locked me up for 35 days in a psych. ward, when I knew I was sane. If only these doctors had read your book. I am an author and wish to refer to one character (based on my experiences) in my latest book referring to certain behaviours/insights written in your book - to refute suggestions that I am schizophrenic. I have been told that I will have to take antipsychotic medicine for life, which I dispute, but cannot argue validly about. My friends believe the doctors and tell me that I have to accept the doctor's views that I am seriously mentally unwell. This is utter bunkum and leads me to row with my friends who are well-meaning. Your book is, therefore, sensational in justifying my wild imaginations, etc. and supports my view that the previous psychotic episodes were in fact premonitions/prophecies about not only the future of the world on Earth, but also about likely changes in the Universe itself.

"I also believe that God (universal intelligence) has a good and a dark side as you suggest in your dedication. . . Thomas"


What would really help you here is to get involved with study groups of the type of phenomena you seem to be experiencing. Go to my website at, and into the Marketplace. You want to look up the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) and the Monroe Institute. Both are wondrously sane and practical, yet offer lively programs for exploring spiritually and dimensions beyond our own. The A.R.E. sponsors Study Groups internationally. Inquire. If you can, you might plan a trip to the A.R.E. They are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and offer conferences, health-care facilities, and a host of classes and varied opportunities to explore not only your own life but what may be a universal reality that is beneficial to know about and interact with. The Monroe Institute is especially geared for this, for helping you have a direct experience beyond the norm that may be helpful to you. They have well-trained teachers and directors to assist in whatever you would like to explore.

If you could get into Study Group work in your own area, this would enable you to spend more time with people who have had similar experiences to your own. Hearing the experiences of others, learning about ways to handle the extraordinary, may be exactly what you need to better understand yourself and live in a productive and healthy way. You can even learn to "split dimensions" as I do daily. I keep myself grounded, balance my checkbook, meet my deadlines, hug my husband, cook our meals, and have a great deal of fun doing all of this. I also take part in helping to educate our medical community. You could do all of this and more. And, by exposing yourself to peer-reviewed published papers that underscore the "differences" healthy people can exhibit, especially those who have had a near-death experience or a spiritual breakthrough, you can not only help yourself but you can have a direct effect in the education and upliftment of the medical and psychiatric community. Many blessings, PMH

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