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Pharmaceuticals & Consciousness, The Initial Near-Death Experience, and The Great Shifting


"You are my hero! You have been for quite some time now - ever since I began researching six years ago about NDEs and read about your amazing experiences - and Indigo children. Anyway, I have a question that no one has been able to answer for me. Because of chronic pain issues, I have to take opiod pain meds all the time so I can get out of bed and function. My question is, if they will keep me from being able to reach raised consciousness to be able to ascend. Please help me. Thank you in advance" ...Barb


I'm not quite certain what you are talking about, therefore, I can't really offer you an answer. I can say this much, however, typically the less pharmaceuticals you have in your system when you pray and meditate, the better and the deeper you can get. Drugs block the process. But the soul cannot be denied. It can circumvent anything. You might try this as an experiment: walk a labyrinth. I mean really walk one in peace and in openness, knowing that spirit will lead you and direct you and comfort you. When you finish, walk back out and sit for a while in silence. Check: do you feel any different? Notice how you respond to things, what pops into your mind. Anything different, even if slight?

Another experiment: touch your forefingers slightly to the tips of your thumbs (do this with both hands). It will look as if you have created circles, one with each hand. Leave the rest of your fingers on both hands outstretched somewhat - not stiff, just naturally out. Breathe with your fingers in this position as often as you can each day - with both of your hands either at your side or on your lap or chair arm - like when your walking or watching television or a movie. Who pays any attention to what you do with your fingers? No one, so do it. Give yourself three weeks of this, minimum. Do you feel more centered, more patient, more honest and clear now? Is it easier for you to breathe deeply without even trying? How do you feel about this finger position? Any differences?

These simple exercises will tell you if you can reach higher states of consciousness while still taking your meds. Listen to your body.  ...PMH


"My name is Janie. I am trying to find answers but I don't know who to ask, or if I make any sense to you. I just feel I need to ask someone that is spiritual. In the last three years I have felt some changes in my being (soul)...not sure what to call it...but inside myself. I've had a close call with death but that was when I was either 9 or 10. I really didn't think much about it at the time. All I can tell you is that I was thrown from a boat and landed in the water.

"I remember kicking and screaming for help, and I remember being too tired to kick anymore. I started going down in the dark water until I hit the bottom. All the fear was gone. The entire time I was kicking and screaming, I was so scared but when I hit the bottom I felt the most wonderful peace. I couldn't believe I wasn't suffering. Here I was at the bottom of the lake and I was fine. I knew my brother was coming to save me and I saw him jump in the water. I remember thinking, 'Don't fight him, he is going to save you.' I don't know if I thought it, but then why would I think it? I really don't know. He did save me and I wasn't feeling any discomfort until my head came above the water. Once my head was above the water I was gasping for air so hard. Once I got to shore, I was vomiting water, but I was okay. That's all I can recall of the incident. Little was ever said about it.

"Now, I know that wasn't much of an NDE, if it was one at all, and it may have nothing to do with what is going on now. Another strange thing is when I was a baby mom said I would never sleep more than thirty minutes at a time. I can remember being 3 or 4 and waking up crying every night at the foot of mom's bed. I did that all the time. Go to sleep in my bed and wake up in her room, crying. I was so scared and insecure. I never stayed away from my mom and would not even go spend the night anywhere. My parents treated me good. I didn't have any abuse. I can't tell you why I was like that. All my life I've had different dreams of me trying to reach something or trying to do something, and I can't do whatever it is, but I keep trying.

"I am 49 now. Getting back to why I started this letter in the first place, in the last 2 years, I have felt different. I have felt like my soul has come alive. I know it sounds strange, and I don't do drugs. I was brought up in a Christian home and asked the Lord to save me many years ago. I am a paramedic by trade. I just feel this light inside of me. It's like I get overcome with joy and very strong emotions. I get so happy and feel like I am suppose to be doing something. Sometimes I get so emotional, I just cry but it's a happy cry. I have always felt different. I do not act like other people my age and I have always felt more like a child inside, or like I had to comfort a child inside.

"I am so confused, and have gone to a psychologist, and she said I am fine. When I mentioned the possible NDE, she said 'no, they don't exist.' I have this strong urge that I am suppose to be doing something. This urge started in the last couple of years, but it is stronger now. I feel like I am changing inside. I can sense people's emotions, even if they are not obvious. Sometimes I feel sick or dizzy around someone or some object. Maybe I've always been that way, just stronger now. I don't hear or see things. By now, I am certain if you have read this that you think I am crazy. Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy. Maybe you can offer me some hope. I feel lost. I need guidance. I talk to God and tell him that I love him and I need help. I know he will help me, but I don't know when. I just got your book and as I started to read it, I got this urge to write this letter. Maybe you could give me advice. Thanks for taking time to read my letter?" ...Janie


About near-death experiences, too bad you went to a psychologist who was unaware of all the published papers and clinical data out now about this phenomenon. It is very real and so are the aftereffects. You sound as if you may have had an Initial Near-Death Experience (there are four types - the others are unpleasant or hell-like, pleasant or heaven-like, and transcendent). Children are prone to Initial Experiences - over 70% of the kids in my research base had the Initial type. Even though episodes are brief (as the name implies) and involve very little in the way of elements, they can and often do make a tremendous difference in the child's life. Most of the saints throughout history and various other mystical types had near-death experiences as a child. There are two books that could be very helpful to you: The New Children and Near-Death Experiences (Bear & Co.) and The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences (Hampton Roads). I wrote both of them. The first one will seem as if I wrote it just for you. It will seem to fit you that much. Both go into the pattern of psychological and physiological aftereffects. Note: children take much longer than adults to integrate their experience. Children do not integrate, they compensate. The job of a child is to learn and grow. Anything that interferes with that is either repressed or suppressed. It is not unusual for a child experiencer to take 20 to 40 years to wake up to what happened when they were young and begin to deal with it. Becoming more spiritual is part of that, and more intuitive.

Consider the times we are now living in. The Great Shifting has begun. In my opinion it began in November of 2004 and will continue for the foreseeable future. You will be more interested in the book which just came out - Children of the Fifth World - as it is about the evolution of the human species, our new children, time cycles, and The Great Shifting. I am not surprised that you feel more spiritual now and more desirous of "mission." That is a typical response for a child experiencer beginning to integrate his or her experience. But it is also typical of the very different energy rolling across our nation and the planet, and how that energy is affecting people. Either people continue to cling to the "old" or open up, as if awakening to the "new." I hope this helps.  ...PMH

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