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Spiritual Progress -- Let your Heart be your Judge


        “I sit at my computer and listen to your interviews on YouTube.  Thank God for YouTube!  I am struggling with spiritual issues:  particularly with my religious family and ‘friends.’  They claim to be Christians but refuse to help in any way if I ask. . . which I did several years ago after losing everything, going bankrupt.  They had (and still have) plenty of money and turned their backs on me. . . recently did it again. . . then buying expensive homes by the river, etc.  They hate me because I don’t like their religious view.  I simply don’t buy it.  But I also question whether I am spiritually progressing. . . where I stand and what will happen to me when I die.  What these Christians do eats away at me and I know that somehow I have to forgive them.  But they don’t seem to question themselves.  They say that they ‘aren’t perfect - just forgiven.’  UGGHHH.  They don’t question their motives, nor do they worry about what will happen to them, as I do.

        “I have problems with anger over this utter hypocrisy.  If we do, in fact, wind up in realms with ‘like-minded people/souls,’ then maybe there is some cosmic justice.  There’s nothing worse than hurting others and then asking God for forgiveness ad nauseum.

        “Any recommendations of which book I should read?  I know you have written many books.  Oh, I want to add one last comment.  Christianity has a twisted view/version of forgiveness.  By that I mean, people who claim to be Christians can and do things that they know are wrong, things they know will hurt others and then get forgiveness.  At the same time, they will condemn those whom they feel aren’t Christians for doing the same.  They have this arrogant smugness about them and don’t seem to worry about their fate.  This is ONE of the reasons that I have developed this utter contempt for religion.  Yet, at the same time, there are things about Buddhism that resonate with me.  At least Buddhists hold people accountable.  From what I have understood about the life review is that it is all-encompassing; nothing is hidden; not even those deeds you thought you were ‘off the hook’ for.  You come face to face with it.  That is my humble understanding.  I do believe in Jesus and try to live by his teachings.  I seldom see any Christians doing that.”....Linda


        Sounds to me, Linda, like you are ready for “
Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes.  Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Ernest took the best of all religions, philosophies, and traditions, put them together in a practical, organized way, and came up with what he called “Science of Mind.”  He believed that the core teachings around the world all taught the same thing and they did so in what he recognized as a “scientific” manner, that is to say, in accordance with Universal Laws.  A church developed around his work, formerly called the United Church of Religious Science - now called the United Centers of Spiritual Living.  They have a lively website (google any of the names I have given you to find it).  You can take their first year class online, or, at least by mail if there is not a study group or church in your area.  Their magazine “Science of Mind” is a monthly, digest-sized, and absolutely wonderful to read.  My husband and I subscribe to it and we read from it daily.  I took that first year class soon after I died, at a small church in Boise, Idaho, where I lived at the time.  Wisest move I ever made.  I wrote about this several issues ago in the free newsletter I publish (now archived).  If you’re not signed up yet for that newsletter, access, scroll over to the newsletter section, and sign up.

        In a nutshell, realize first and foremost that everyone is here on earth to learn, express, grow through, or enjoy what presents itself to us.  Picture earth as a giant school.  Some people are attending first grade; some are in high school; some are doing graduate work; some are here on recess or to enjoy time out.  You cannot compare yourself with anyone else, because you do not know at what grade level they are or what they are working through or participating in.  We are not challenged to like each other; we are challenged to love each other.  To be certain there are some people, no matter how treated, are virtually impossible to even be around.  And I am myself one who tussles with this.  Still, I bless these people and honor them for they are just as much a child of God as I am.  In my family of origin, I am the odd one out.  The rest tolerate me, well, most of them do.  Others I ‘m not so sure about.  The same with my husband’s family.  Actually, we are both the odd ones out.  We are not wealthy like the others and we do not flaunt what we have.  We make no demands and love and honor freely.  Most of them look the other way when around us; some are profoundly embarrassed to have us in the family.  This can hurt if allowed.  We choose not to engage in this type of thinking and feeling.  Serves no purpose.  Going to a family member to ask for help, seldom helps anyone.  So why bother.  I respect myself too much to be a target for ill-will.  I doubt the day will ever come, for instance, when my work will be recognized and appreciated for what it is.  I am often attacked professionally and demeaned by others who simply disagree.  Since my protocol for research is different, that makes me suspect, even though my findings, thus far, have held up in clinical trials.

        Spiritual progress?  How can you judge that?  How could I?  My judge is my heart.  If I feel I have done my best, been my best, and filled each day with smiles, how then could anyone consider me a failure?  How could I?  Spiritual progress is something you feel when you are authentically you, and remain true to the breath that breathes you.  If you are in league with people who demean you, move out and find another group.  Families are not really what you are born with.  They are what we recognize in each other when open to those who smile back.  Extended families (what we co-create with others) are often more loving and supportive than original families.  Look around you.  Find other groups of people and experiment, attend meetings, engage in discussions.  One of the fastest moving trends today are Church Homes.  That’s right.  People who band together and start their own church, and take turns deciding which home the service will be in and on what day.  They share worship, study, and ritual.  Why not start a Church Home yourself?  Do not belabor what you have lost.  Rejoice in who you are and what you are becoming!

        Blessings, PMH

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At 3:24 PM, Blogger Julie A. Kohlhaas said...

My heart goes out to Linda but your words are so wise. I too (a non-Christian) am the odd one out in my Christian family although, like Linda, I treasure the words of Jesus as well as those of many, many wise teachers of many traditions (and no traditions) who have lived and are living still. Realizing that everyone is at different maturity levels of their own journey is the most compassionate thing we can do. When we find ourselves judging others for their insensitivity, Eckhart Tolle says to add, "Just like me" and to see these difficult people as teachers. I had a t-shirt made up for myself that reads (upside-down so I can read it): When I am a student, everything is a teacher. It's a constant reminder to be compassionate with myself.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Kitty Hill said...

It is articles like these that make me feel more hopeful about myself, whatever my 'self' is. I feel as though I get caught up in my ego, and don't self correct my mistakes as well as I should. Sometimes, I don't know how. I beat myself up, and feel like I deserve it on a level, while on another level, I feel that things simply are. I read that all the tiny little things in our lives are important in one link, that everything is as it should be in another, that I am part of All That Is, but somehow must give up being me, and my connections to those I love, in order to love everything... It's too confusing for words! I get lost in my head. I read intellect doesn't matter, then I read learning is important in the same paragraph. There are certainly types of learning, I suppose. But, when all put together, even from one person, my human mind can't see how it fits. Perhaps it's looking for something Dogmatic. But listening to my heart, judging my own progress, it can be comforting, or feel like masochism. How does one know when too much is too much?probably when they feel like me. I did feel something when reading this entry and the comment, though, and I want to hold onto that. As hard as I try, I slip, and sometimes I can't make myself try anymore. It makes me wonder what people with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder like me are meant to do. Maybe I'm in kindergarten. Seek and ye shall find, just not necessarily when you think you need it, I guess. Thank you.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger PMH said...

Kitty, you are a Child of God right where you are, right who you are. Period. You don’t have to be anything, change anything, deny anything, for that statement to be true. It is true. Now, all of us can improve. We can train ourselves, refine our talents, look around to see what else might be better or that somehow we seem to resonate to. You’re always learning. Always growing. Always changing. And that is how it should be. To be more aware of your spiritual part, your soul, it is good to take up a form of meditation (whatever works best for you) and practice it, do it, daily. Learn about prayer and be in prayer for some periods daily - to enlarge your life goals and learn to see beyond that which is physical. There’s a whole world out there – a bigger one than you think. Did you know you, all of us, anyone, only is aware of 10% of what’s in the electromagnetic spectrum? Everything exists. There are no secrets. It’s just that most of this huge world/universe/reality we live in is either ultra or infra to our faculties of perception. What breaks down or begins to dissolve that perceptual barrier so we can see, hear, feel, and respond to “the rest of the world”? Prayer and meditation. Sensitivity exercises. Spiritual disciplines. Or, simply the desire to see more of what’s right in front of you. A great way to explore “other worlds,” other parts of your own being, is to read about and study the life of Edgar Cayce, the greatest psychic the U.S. has ever known, and the “father” of holistic medicine. It would be wonderful if you could attend their “Search for God” Study Groups. These groups are held in people’s homes, all over everywhere. You can find out what’s available, and nose around all this material, by becoming acquainted with the A.R.E. (the Association For Research and Enlightenment). This group maintains the Cayce legacy and makes it available to each and all. Their way of approaching the spiritual, the intuitive, the energy world, is the best and the healthiest and the most approachable I have yet seen. Perhaps exploring this work, or visiting the A.R.E. located in Virginia Beach, VA would be a great adventure for you. Their basic website is There are other good groups where one can learn, grow, take classes, be inspired. Among them are Unity Churches and Centers of Spiritual Living. You can always go to my website at and look up contacts or consult the Marketplace, where many groups are listed. The spiritual path is the journey “within” to the soul of your being. Maybe that’s what is calling you…….time to begin your own spiritual journey. Many blessings, PMH


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