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Is Going Back to God a Viable Answer?


“I have read many of your books since my NDE two years ago. Being located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I have many resources available for reading. However, my question to you is - my life since the NDE has changed drastically due to the NDE and a controlling, abusive husband who only wanted dinner when I came home from the hospital via a friend after having had the NDE. I left him last December, only to be abused more and harassed to the point that all I want to do is return to the Presence of God, the place of unconditional love and peace. I reread your brief section on suicide in Coming Back to Life and do know that it may not be suicide, but a choice to return. After all, God is, death isn’t. The abusive situation, physical, mental, and verbal accelerated after the NDE, since he could not compete with it. He calls me delusional, when we all know different. I have always chosen my words carefully with him to describe what the NDE was. Mainly, I said the biggest difference is the fact that my belief systems are gone - I KNOW now. To a psychopath and not having the control over that knowledge, he planned, plotted, and illegally evicted me from my own house. It has only gone down hill since then. My spirituality is the only thing keeping me going; mentally and physically he disabled me. I am a wreck and feel as if going back to God is a viable answer.

“Discussing this with my counselor is not at the same level as an NDEr, and she seems as not to quite understand my knowledge of eternity.

“I know that we are not on this plane to be hurt, but to love; and the abuse from my ‘x’ is just so overwhelming!

“I also read the Trilogy of Conversations with God, and it leaves the choice to us, of sorts, since we as humans slowly kill ourselves by everyday acceptable means, anyway. Meditation is my refueling for the Spiritual-me, which gives me the motivation to breathe again. I know I am blessed, but the constant abuse is such a duality that I find it very hard to comprehend.

“Any suggestions? You have seen so many NDErs and have so much experience. Is this common, and what should an NDEr like me do?” ~Bev


Since you are in Virginia Beach, I recommend that you get in touch with Rev. Dick Dingus. He is the leader of the near-death group there. He is also a counselor and a deeply spiritual man who truly understands the many challenges faced by a near-death experiencer. Do contact him.

One of the things I tell experiencers, especially if I am giving a talk or workshop, is: Remember the first rule of discipleship.....don’t freak the natives!

We experiencers, in all our new-found innocence and joy, are too open too often. We want to share what happened to us; but we lose discernment. You’ll remember that if you read my first book Coming Back to Life. In losing discernment, we invite all manner of abuse and disasters. One experiencer I know killed himself last year after being unable to control his spending habits. He just wanted to help people, but ended up hurting and bankrupting his family. Discernment. It’s a big deal for us.

Your husband was a controller. Telling him anything was a mistake, then trying to be more diplomatic in the telling was an even bigger mistake. He used your innocence and joy against you. Right now going to a Woman’s Shelter is a must. Talk to their lawyers. I am certain Rev. Dingus can help you here. You may be able to get your house back if you look into the law, and you can at least get your health back if you are willing to work at it. I am thinking here of alternatives and wellness techniques - practitioners are all over Virginia Beach, readily available. The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) would be a good contact for you in finding what you need and what you can afford. So would the church called “The Fellowship of Inner Light” (Rev. Dingus is a member).

What makes a tremendous difference for experiencers is finding others like you to talk with, share with, dialogue with, compare notes with. Doing everything alone without helpful advice is rough - that’s because we don’t recognize what could be troublesome when we see it. My dear, I could give you a big hug, for I know what it is like those first seven years after your episode. I certainly had my share of licks before I caught on. One of the wisest things I did for myself that first year afterward, was to enroll in the Science of Mind First Year Class. These are taught in the Church of Religious Science, now renamed United Centers of Spiritual Living - or you can get them via mail. For more information, access this website: www.UnitedCentersforSpiritualLiving.org. The Church of Religious Science is an outgrowth of the writings and teachings of Ernest Holmes (long since deceased). His motto: “To change your life, change your thinking.” Classes in his work emphasize demonstration: You have to do it, not just pray about it or think about it. God works. Prayer works. Love works. It all works if we learn how to apply the principles and then enable that power to work through us for the Greater Good. Some type of class, some type of spiritual learning that is practical will teach you how to live and joyfully with your new understanding of the world, with your knowing of Truth and the Power of God.

The near-death experience can be an incredible miracle or an eye-opener or a curse. It’s up to the experiencer and what he or she is willing to do with new found knowings and feelings. It isn’t magic, although at times you may feel as if you have discovered a new form of magic.

Suicide doesn’t cut it. Suicide doesn’t solve anything. All taking your own life does is get you another body at another time. But, you still have to face the same basic issues you did not solve before. Only through educating yourself, putting what you know to work in your life, and forgiving, can you find the peace you long for. ~PMH


*** Two more months before my new book comes out. It is possible to pre-order through www.amazon.com. The title is Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story (Hampton Roads). The description now shown for the book will be changed. To keep abreast of things, sign up for my free newsletter at www.pmhatwater.com. At the bottom of the Home Page is where you sign up. Issues are infrequent.

*** Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre has been asking this question: “Have you ever had a spiritual or religious experience or felt a presence or power, whether you call it God or not, which is different from, or more than, your everyday self?” to date, they have over 6,000 cases, including mystical experiences, out- of-body experiences, visionary experiences, near-death experiences, and after- death communications. Recently, their website address changed. Check them out now at: http://alisterhardysociety.org/.

*** Todd Murphy, a researcher of near-death states (some of his work published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies) has designed a computer screen saver that shows the point of light that appears in many Near-Death Experiences, unfolding into “The Light.” It’s compelling images evoke an otherworldly experience, sometimes also appearing in hallucinations. Its otherwordly images evoke feelings that don’t go into words. Contact Todd Murphy directly for price and installation instructions. . . brainsci@jps.net.

*** Pim van Lommel sent me this link to a short and very funny movie about a “near-death” experience. You may enjoy watching it: http://www.kuriositas.com/2010/07/lady-and-reaper.html.

*** Also, there are now links (Part I and Part II) to an interview done with Pim about his book and the research he and his associates conducted. Pim’s book, by the way, is Consciousness Beyond Life. His research is the best yet done about the near- death phenomenon. Find them both in my NDE News Blog: "A New Interview with NDE Researcher and Author Pim van Lommel."

*** There is a new TV series called “I Survived ...Beyond and Back” and it is on the Biography Channel each Sunday night at 10:00 pm Eastern Time. Each episode features interviews with three people who died, went to the other side, and came back. This show is well done, yet there is no reference to IANDS or the near-death experience, unless the one being interviewed brings it up. If a viewer wishes to learn more about the subject, no links or suggestions are provided (the only “downside” to the show).

*** Thanks to Katie Couric for her interview with Raymond Moody about his new book, Glimpses of Eternity, with excerpts from his “Life After Life” video. It's within this article: "Investigating the Afterlife." Date is October 31, 2010.

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