Monday, September 20, 2010

A Question I Can't Answer?


"With the explosion of information over the Internet, we are exposed to so many self-professed or spiritual masters who claim they know the true nature of Reality. On one hand, it is exciting to come across so many new perspectives. On the other hand, I doubt whether Reality could be that complex and bizarre. Without giving names, I followed some of the links on your website, and came across people that proclaim they discovered the true Da Vinci Code (which is the love frequency); and someone who claimed to be the only psi lord on earth who can change your energy field to see Reality, even to the extent of casting your enemy to hell.

"Having read some of your books, I think you have lived life so fully as a mother/wife/teacher/career woman and also as someone who had sought understanding of spiritual worlds so fervently, I am interested to know from your perspective - what is really worth knowing? If you are asked to give up all your psychic abilities and just keep one, which one would you choose."....Victor


Victor, if any of the links on my website lead to "know-it-all spiritual masters," let me know and I'll eliminate that link. I really try to only mention those who are more mature and ethical in their dealings. One of the things that catches folks, especially near-death experiencers and those like them, is in presenting their experience, their interpretation of it, the meaning it had in their life, without clarifying upfront that "this is what happened to me." Or, maybe, "What I'm about to share with you, is simply my story and what it meant to me." Most people claim the opposite - "this is how it is for everyone." True, it is a real challenge for any of us to offer what changed our lives in a way that doesn't sound like we're know-it-alls. Many of us were given powerful messages to convey to the world. So, how do you do this? I guess that is for each one to decide. I cannot judge others. But I certainly can and do cringe sometimes, and urge listeners/readers to check any claims made to the best of their ability.

My life has indeed been full, far more than what people know. Some time in the future I want to write two memoirs. I haven't done anything like this before because I was convinced no one would believe me. Maybe there's something about age, now that I'm 73, or maybe it's because some of my findings have now been verified in clinical studies and I "don't want to rock the boat." Maybe it's both. Whatever my hesitation, I have almost reached a point when I no longer care who believes me. The peace of mind I have you will "hear" in the book I have just finished - the one that comes out in March of 2011, hardcover through Hampton Roads/Red Wheel. It is called "Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story." My life is joyful. Even challenges and turn-arounds are joyful in what they reveal to me. This joy comes from recognizing how things work, who we are, why we're here, and where we're going. There is tremendous peace in this.

More to your question. First, I do not consider "psychic" abilities to be extra or unusual. All of them are simply extensions of faculties normal to us. If you're breathing, you're psychic. That simple. What we see, the otherworlds we contact, the "extras" in our life fom hypersensitivity (that often occurs after our episodes), again, all of this is simply from the spread of the electromagnetic spectrum. We're now interacting with what was previously either infra or altra to our senses. It was always there. We just didn't know that. Since I do not recognize "psychic abilities" as being different or extraordinary, I cannot answer your question.

What I can say to you, that I truly find of deep and lasting value, is the ability to see through all that is manifested, to see what is really there, and move with that pulsebeat of a love far greater than I could ever describe. Blessings, PMH


.. . . For the best study via medical science of the near-death experience, read "Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience" by Pim van Lommel, M.D. and published by HarperOne. I've been talking about this book for some time. It is here! And it will change minds!

.. . . I now have several new YouTube films.
They are as follows:

.. . . My website is changing. There is now a "Personals" drop-down menu toward the top of the Home Page ( In Personals, so far, there are two sections: one for memorials of those people who deeply touched us in the field of near-death studies; and the other personal photographs. Eventually, there will be other changes as we seek to find easier ways for people to find what they want. My website is now quite large and encompasses a great deal of information, referrals, case studies, and, of course, The Marketplace for products and services offered by near-death experiencers and those like them. The Marketplace exists as a public service.

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