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Suicide and Spirituality


"I have read your book on Near-Death Experiences. I have a question about suicide and the soul.

"Is it possible that a soul really cannot live on earth anymore, and is called to leave?

"Is there a spiritual aspect to suicide, one that is not desperate, but that is rational, and one in which the spirit requests to leave?

"Especially for those who are sensitive, if there really is not a way to live on the earth comfortably, both for spiritual reason, and even lower level reasons like health or physical body, etc., is euthanasia or suicide acceptable?

"What is the answer from a spiritual perspective? This would be apart from the societal perspective, and especially modern western society view that tends to discourage suicide for societal reasons." ~"M"


You are asking questions that can only be answered using "the voice of the many." Please look up the chapter on suicides in "The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences." That chapter will tell you more than I can in a simple e-mail. Also, read the book, "Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife" by Pamela Rae Heath and Jon Kimo (the best book I've ever read on this subject!).

Of the 3,000 adult near-death experiencers in my original research base, I asked if there were any non-nos, any "sins" that really crippled a person spiritually. The majority named two: abortion and suicide. All were quick to say that forgiveness is real, but that we must also face everything we ever did on earth. . . every single thing (a rather daunting thought). There was never a sense from anyone, including child experiencers, that we would be punished "for" our sins, but, rather "by" them. To understand "by" them, it would be helpful to have an understanding of karma or the idea of cause and effect - the concept of setting ourselves up by the actions or lack of them we make. My mother used to say: "We make our beds and then we lie in them." It's the same idea.

If you are a student of reincarnation - the idea of life after life - then karma makes sense, and so does a lot of other heavies that are difficult for us to understand if all we consider as real is one lifetime apiece. However, if we spread that viewpoint - include reincarnation or exceptional incarnations or the influence of angelic/demonic hosts or dis-incarnate interference - we then have a larger canvas on which to consider or judge possibilities.

Are there situations where suicide is appropriate or allowable or acceptable in the greater scheme of things? The answer to that question depends on the individual and his or her relationship with God/Allah/Deity. I believe the answer is yes, but, I also know in my heart of hearts that I cannot be the judge or jury here. When governments and societies legislate this, they do so with the community in mind and what is best for the greater good of all. The major religions of the world pretty much agree - they are against suicide in general but are willing to "allow exceptions" under certain conditions.

Near-death experiencers "just say no." Even experiencers who've had their episode as part of a suicide attempt - everyone of them I've yet to hear of - said, absolutely no, never to suicide under any conditions. Still, there are near-death experiencers who do indeed attempt suicide AFTER their episode anyway to get back to the Other Side. In my research base, the figure is less than 5% with adults, 21% with children (why the rate with children is so high is discussed in-depth in "The New Children and Near-Death Experiences").

As you can see, there are strong feelings and passions against suicide over all, yet it remains a temptation to the few who are troubled, want a way out, or are convinced hurrying back to the Other Side is okay. ~PMH


I'm doing some bookshows! Yup. I've never done anything like this before. Apparently there is a circuit authors can travel, whereby they buy table space, set up their books, sell them, and visit with people. I suppose every part of the country has something like this, but it is a first for me here in Virginia. So, see ya at:
October 16th, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, Waynesboro, Virginia
Book'Em Event, put on by the local police department.
Kate Collins Middle School, 1625 Ivy Street
Public Welcome, no cost
I will be giving a talk about my work at 2 pm, and
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November 19, 11 am to 6 pm, Charlottesville, Virginia
Meet the Authors, put on by Jayne Cox
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December 4, 11 am to 6 pm, Elkton, Virginia
Authors' Book Sales & Signing, put on by Welcome Center
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Seems like I'm always working on some kind of deadline and can never schedule such travels. Well, I'm doing it this time. Hope to see you at one of these, maybe all three. Let's get acquainted. ~PMH

**** Just a little reminder for 2011. The big near-death conference will be held in Durham, North Carolina in 2011. Details later.

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At 5:36 AM, Blogger Pagie Sweetness said...

My defacto wife of 5 years committed suicide while visiting her mother in Christchurch ( we live in Gisborne New Zealand )on 24th August this year, just 7 weeks ago. I am trying to understand why and come to terms with it. Ngaro had a terrible upbringing with abuse of all kinds, her physical health was deteriorating, she has PTSD, addictions and a mental health diagnosis and her eyesight had gone in one eye and was only 70% or so in the other, as well as chronic back pain from injuries from physical abuse. I have had many signs since she passed, one was to read Stephen lives by Anne Puryear, in there Stephen says that it is the spiritually right thing for some adults to suicide if the soul is not progressing. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Regards Darryl

At 4:17 PM, Blogger PMH said...

Darryl, I am so sorry your wife committed suicide. I extend to you the love and blessings of God's Great Angels who I know are ministering to you and your wife and all who knew her. Suicide is always a shock to those left behind and the question of why becomes paramount.

In her case, all the signs were there to show that that was where she was headed. I seriously doubt that anything could have been done to have changed the outcome. But I also doubt that anyone can say whether in her case it was right or wrong. I know Anne Puryear and her book is excellent. I also know from my work with near-death experiencers that the ideas of life and death we all have, wrong and right, get tossed around to the point that few return with the same feelings they had before. You return knowing there is a different agenda to our coming and goings than we were taught. Sometimes suicide is the right answer, because all involved learn from the experience and are able to grow in consciousness and in a greater sense of truth because of it.

Judgment has no place here. Only forgiveness and the willingness to look beyond appearances. There is always a greater truth. Allow that to surface in the months ahead of you. No channeler, medium, or psychic can tell you more than your own heart.

Many blessings, PMH

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Pagie Sweetness said...


thank you for your reply. I have read much since i posted to you. It is 6 months now but it still hurts me every day. And despite my attempts to commune with Ngaro I have not been successful other than through mediums and a couple of dreams which gave me some short term solace. Can you please suggest any thing to help me heal and move on as this seems to have really got me stuck and having little motivation to do anything much. Ngaro was my everything my life and I don't know what to do or why I am still on this planet for

Thank you


At 6:47 PM, Blogger PMH said...

You forgot yourself, Darryl. YOU are your everything. YOU are your life. Now, go out and share the wonderful you that you are with others. It is always a wondrous surprise how much just the simple act of volunteering or sharing or holding another’s hand makes. Starting up a group or a service or study or a business or …………………………does even more. Surprises are wonderful! PMH


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