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Lives Transformed and 'Brain Shifts'


"I am a 51-year-old Dutch male from the town of Beilen in the north of the Netherlands. For 36 years I have been reading and talking and philosophizing about NDEs, OBEs, and other spiritual subjects. Currently, I am in the process of reading your very interesting and rewarding book, 'The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences.'

"I am writing you this e-mail to ask you a remarkable question: Did you ever in your research of the phenomenon of the near-death experience come across the story (or stories) of psychopaths, who had one? Do you think that the very intense, telepathic and loving communion with The Light of Love could have a life long healing effect on a psychopath and turn him into a respectful and responsible citizen?

"Of course he would have to go through a very intense and highly emotional life review to experience all the hurt, the terror, and the fear he had inflicted on his victims. I am looking forward to your reply." ....Robert


Well, Robert, that's a question I have not considered before. Psychopaths, no; but those with multiple personalities, various other forms of mental illness, manic depressives, hired killers, and those who were suicidal - yes, many of them. You could argue that a hired killer must be a psychopath, but I do not know that for certain in those cases that I did investigate.

In my book, "Beyond the Light," I talk about several cases of those who were suicidal or who had mental problems, and also in "The New Children and Near-Death Experiences" (especially with those children who were diagnosed with multiple personalities).

What was stunning to me, as per cases with hired hit-men and other such criminals, was how uplifting their episodes were...yet...how incredibly, even horrific, their life reviews were. You would think they would have had a hellish scenario. No. (Maybe one or two did, but the vast majority did not.) That was surprise number one.

Surprise number two was the extensiveness of their life review. Now, that part was hell in the sense of what they had to live through (yes, I said "live") - everything they ever did to another that was hurtful, and then be that person to feel that person's pain and what that person went through, and then be that person's significant others and live what they went through. I mean every pain, blow, betrayal, torture, confusion, depression, despair, and so forth. Life reviews can be like that, but for the criminal element, they can be exceptionally horrible.

Before everyone nods "ah, justice at last," let me add an important observation: as horrific as life reviews can be, the individual viewing/living through one is able to handle this experience in a somewhat detached, objective way. Yes, they suffer. Yes, they feel the pain quite literally. Still, it's as if some part of them, maybe their soul, knows that whatever happened during that lifetime can be used for the greater good, that something beneficial can come out, that nothing (good or bad, large or small) is ever wasted. We can change. We can grow. We can benefit in some manner and use that benefit to fuel a determination to do things better or different next time. And, yes, there is a strong sense of "next time." And for those criminal types I was able to revisit, they did indeed transform their lives afterward, very much for the better, and in remarkable ways that would inspire anyone.

If nothing else, the near-death phenomenon shows us that there is no such thing as a life that is lost. There is redemption, but not always in the manner our traditions and religions teach. Blessings, PMH


"I read with great interest the information on brain shift that appears on your website. I know you've associated it with near-death experiences and other events, but there is one instance/situation I didn't see and I'd like to ask if my circumstances could apply.

"I lost both of my parents in an automobile accident two years ago. They were in Intensive Care for a few days until they passed; my father one day, my mother the next. I was with both of them and, needless to say, it was surreal.

"I must say that ever since I could remember, I feared death (especially my parents'). I truly lost my fear after I witnessed their passing. I wanted to let you know that so many of the characteristics of 'brain shift' that you listed are things I've experienced in the past two years. I have told some close friends that I've experienced a type of 'detachment' (not completely here, not elsewhere). I had almost completely given up meat (it has no appeal) and create meals with vegetables and grains. My creative output (I do market research) has definitely improved. I'm less timid and able to share my thoughts, writings, and ideas.

"Dr. Atwater, do you think that 'brain shift' could be a result of this experience? Have you heard of anything similar?"....Margaret


I am now finishing off Phase III of the Brain Shift/Spirit Shift Model, by writing my 10th and last book about my near-death findings. The book comes out late January, 2011, in hardcover, from Hampton/Red Wheel and is called "Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story."

What most people do not realize is that I did this type of research long before I ever died or heard anything about "near-death experiences." In this previous work done in the sixties and early seventies, I found the same or virtually the same pattern true then for anyone who had undergone an impactual transformation of consciousness, be it from a spiritual awakening or from a vision quest or kundalini breakthrough, or Baptism of the Holy Spirit, or whatever. The important thing here is intensity, and how the intensity of our experiences in life affect the limbic system, frontal lobes, brain structure and function, our digestive and nervous systems, our heart and skin sensitivity. There is no way anyone can undergo a spiritual transformation without it affecting one's body. Not possible. One can also understand this by understanding colloidal conditions in water, the stirring of water and reversal of that stirring, and how that creates colloids. (Yes, I explain this in-depth in the book.) Should this intrigue you, you might read my book "Future Memory," as it broaches these topics in a deeper way than I can do with this e-mail. I might warn you, however, that "Future Memory" is really not a book - it is a labyrinth. In order for the book to make sense, once you start reading it, stay on the path (don't skip around). A labyrinth is meant to be walked as it winds. The book is no exception to that. You may find the material in the book quite helpful. Did your parent's death begin the process of a brain shift/spirit shift for you? Sounds to me like it did. Now would be a good time for you to study the aftereffects pattern and where that might lead you. Enjoy your journey. It will take you to places you never dreamed of before. Blessings, PMH


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