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Fear of Death


"I am a Finnish woman aged 30 and have been having panic attacks for a few years now. My greatest fear is of me or someone else dying, especially on a heart attack. I think this has something to do with my past life or past experiences, but cannot find a way to cope with this or to avoid these attacks. I am a very sensitive person and have characteristics which would best describe me as an indigo. I have never really fit into this society, ever since I was a child.

"I have never had an NDE, but I am afraid of it. Even if that would assure me there is life after death (my greatest fear is that there isn't, even though in some level I am aware of there indeed being life and have had, i.e., many unbelievable numerology incidents involving 11:11 and 222 which cannot be coincidence).

"I would really like to know how to get rid of these attacks because they are gradually spoiling my life. I cannot live to the fullest because I am constantly afraid and cannot do certain things because of these attacks. There must be some other solution to this than taking medication!

"Thank you for your work in the NDE field. There are far too few people out there who concentrate on spiritual things instead of the material."....Mira


Mira, you realize I hope that I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist. Yes, I do have a degree in Therapeutic Counseling, but it is honorary. My doctorate is in the Letters of the Humanities, dealing with Psychic and Spiritual Studies. My thesis dealt with the future memory phenomenon, which later became the title of one of my books (dealing with the innerworkings of creation and consciousness). Thus, I am no expert with panic attacks. All I can do is share some insights with you from my own work and life experiences. Maybe this will help, at least let's affirm that it will.

I have been very fortunate in the past to count as some of my teachers hypno-therapists who were of the highest caliber. I especially remember Dr. Irene Hickman and what she taught about the possible "bleed-through" of past-life memories that could cause physical illness, panic attacks, and personality problems. Her success rate in working with such people was extraordinary, over 90%. I don't know of any professional with a higher rate of healing. Dr. Hickman passed away several years ago, leaving behind a legacy few can equal. And that's the challenge with hypno-therapists: most of them are merely hypnotists who practice past-life regressions. And that's not good enough for the condition you describe. I used to do such things myself, and I was pretty good at it, but I would never practice hypnosis again - without years spent learning better therapeutic techniques. I say that because the field has changed quite a bit since I was last actively engaged in it. The newer techniques are better than what I used.

There are only 90 hypno-therapists in the world, I have been told, who really know what they are doing and can render a service that matches the likes of Dr. Hickman. One of the ninety is Jeffrey Ryan. His contact info is: 520 Speedwell Avenue, Suite 110, Morris Plains, NJ 07950; (973) 285-5411. You might contact him should you ever come to the United States, or you might inquire about the organization he belongs to, with the idea of locating professionals of such high caliber closer to where you live. I know this type of method works, and could work for the particular panic attacks that you have.

There are other ways of dealing with your fears. There are specific types of bodywork that can help, as well as acupuncture. You might look around your area to see who practices what. You might find a good professional close by. I have seen people who engage in various forms of confrontive therapy reap tremendous results - the type of therapy whereby you face whatever it is that you fear and learn how to deal with it in segments or steps, one at a time. I would not recommend going to a psychic or channeler or visionary for this. My sense is you need more of a physical engagement of some kind where you can probe your own inner realities under the auspices of a professional who knows what he or she is doing.

When you feel a little better about considering the subject of death, you might get a copy of my CD or DVD called "As You Die." The title might seem a little off-putting to you, but I have heard from hundreds of people who, after their loved one died, got the presentation for themselves. Almost to a person, they said it relieved their fear of death. Those in the process of dying say the same thing. You can purchase a copy through Focus Worldwide at One of my puzzles is finding a way to let more people know about "As You Die." The presentation is very effective. Also, when you are able, read my little book "We Live Forever: The Real Truth about Death." This, too, may be helpful. First, though, try a good hypno-therapist.

You mentioned being an "indigo." I would invite you to cast aside such labels (like indigo, crystal, and starseed). They are virtually meaningless, since, if you take the characteristics they supposedly describe, put them all together, expand them, then you have the characteristics of what I call "the new children," today's crop of citizens who are unlike any other generation of record - and they are global, millions and millions of them in every country on earth. Read my book, "Beyond the Indigo Children," and you'll get an idea of why I say what I do. You find yourself more sensitive than those around you, as if you do not fit your family or society? Welcome! Almost all the people who have had a near-death experience come to be like that, our newer generations are like that, anyone who has gone through an impactual transformation of consciousness regardless of how is like that. Me, too. That means there are a lot of us! You say you are afraid of near-death experiences? Well, dear, us folks (experiencers) are just the people you need to know, and know about. Doing just that may be very healing for you.

Good luck with your journey into wholeness, Mira. While you're at it, get the DVD called "The Secret." There are some tips on thinking and languaging that may be helpful to you in that program. Blessings, PMH


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