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I am doing something different this time with my column on near-death experiences and related topics. What follows are two stories, all of them true.


This comes from Ken Prather of the "Reaching for Joy" ministries. Ken is a near-death experiencer. More about him and the ministries he offers is in the Marketplace Section of my website at http://www.pmhatwater.com.

I just have this to share with all of you, because today I visited the Other Side with one of my Hospice patients, and we brought back some Light for his family.

I was called by Hospice early this morning to see if I would come out to the Hospice Home and counsel with a gentleman who was getting ready to cross over any day. He was extremely scared of crossing. He had no beliefs or faith, but most of all he had no Spirituality. I guess that's when the Chaplin decided it was time to call in the last line of defense - so that's when I came into the picture. After I had been there for about thirty minutes or so, the gentleman looked at me and said, "Is there really an afterlife?" It was then I felt the same energy as I did when I was on the Other Side, during the time I was on life support. At that time, I was allowed to go in and out of my physical being at will, or you might say that I could, or that I was in two places at one time. One had time, one didn't! So I looked at this gentleman and said, "Take my hand, close your eyes, and we shall take a journey together."

We experienced the Light to begin with and all the love that it has to offer, and then we found ourselves in a beautiful garden filled with Angelic Light Beings everywhere, sort of like a welcome committee you might say. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers, and then the trees that could talk. We had two beings walk up to us, and this gentleman said to one of the beings, "Isn't your name Louise?" The Light Being said, "Yes, it is. I'm the sister you never knew."

Then just like that I opened my eyes and looked at the gentleman in bed who was still sound asleep. RIGHT! Someone walked into his room and it was his sister. I introduced myself, and the gentleman opened his eyes. His sister said, "Sorry to wake you up." The man replied, "You didn't wake me up. I was on the Other Side with this kind gentleman." The lady just looked at me and smiled, and it was then he said to his sister, "By the way, Louise said to tell you hello." His sister almost fainted and had to sit down. Louise was the name that their mother had given to a stillborn child four years before this man was ever born, and he had no clue that she ever had existed. Nobody had ever told him!

I got ready to leave the room. The sister was still numb. For the first time in weeks, this man smiled. As I walked out the door, he said to me, "Thank you for the sneak preview. I'm not afraid anymore."

Welcome to my world. Priceless!

Note: I can certainly attest to the ministry of Ken Prather. He is severely handicapped by the mugging and beating that killed him. You would never know that, though, for he leads children on tours of the local zoo, brings animals into school classrooms, leads many recovery activities for medical patients - yet what he does for hospice patients is among his best work and the most miraculous. Ken is also a shaman who is one with nature and the natural world. We are blessed to have him among us, reminding us all of the Oneness which links us together in the web of life.


My husband Terry awoke suddenly on Monday morning, November 6th, and flung his arm towards the phone that sits on the nightstand near his side of our bed. In doing this, he toppled a neat pile of papers, billfold, and comb to the floor. After he picked everything up and restacked it, he looked at the clock - it was about 5:08 am. His father died at 5:13 am; the call came shortly thereafter. We both know that his sudden reach for the phone before it rang was his soul's way of preparing him for the call. His father was saying goodbye the only way he could. Although he had been in declining health, he seemed to be doing fine and was well and happy. The heart attack was unexpected and caught everyone by surprise. Quick. No pain. What many call a "good death." We buried him the following Monday at a military cemetery. It was what he wanted.

Just before this happened, I was in Raleigh, NC, meandering through a bookstore after giving several talks in the city. I was told by the bookstore owner that there had been a sudden rash of suicides by young boys and teenagers in the area. A woman nearby smiled, then began to say that her son took his life only months before and she had found the body. He preferred the drug high to living in this world sober. I held her for a long time and let her tears empty the pain in her soul.

These two events remind me how intertwined life and death are, and especially during the Holiday season. With the explosion of colored lights, merry music, and oh, so many parties and concerts, we are also called upon to hesitate and look around. Tucked in amidst the joy are tragedies that silently hold to themselves. I believe it is our privilege, all of us, to embrace the many sides of life at each moment and name them holy. Whether your Holiday celebrations this year are happy or said, there are prayer teams at churches, 800-prayer lines aplenty, and the open arms of understanding and the willingness to listen that those of us who will can provide. Holidays are really a time of light, and in that Light that knows no shadow, we affirm the Presence of Source/The God of our Being - in our lives and in our deaths.

Blessings to all, PMH


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Singing Rain said...

I commented already, but then I signed in and it disappeared. So here is another one.
I think that my whole childhood was a near death experience. I heard voices that talked to me compassionately that I now call my parents. I felt these beings in my room and house. And my teachers were especially angry at me. I think that this was because I talked about these beings.
Since my mother was in a rage 98% of the time, I think that I was so hurt that this is why spirits showed up. Apparently the house was alive because once I wished for rain and a sheet of rain popped up in front of me right there in the house!!!
I don't remember leaving my body or seeing heaven. But my favorite books are channeled. Seth is my favorite. I have read Edgar Cayce and a hundred other books on spirits. I love the book Hands of Light written by the former NASA physicist Barbara Brennan. I would go to her college if I had a grant.
I am currently trying to prove eternity with physics so I can be more believable. Physicists say that the electron is eternal and magical and indestructible. Seth books say that we are vast beings of energy and light that choose these lives. Seth also says that solidity and death and time are illusions. Everything is vibrating so fast and we don't even see it. Electromagnetic waves are so thick that we breathe them. Our atmosphere is full of these faster than light electrons and that means God is, too. God/our Source is a being so huge that we are living within It's body--which is fields of waves. I try to teach that our thoughts are energy and flow through us and change us constantly. That is how we heal ourselves. We are literally perfect waves of this God, our Mother and Father. This life is only a second in our whole eternal lives. When we leave our bodies, it is a birth, not death.
I have felt energy flow into me and out of me on several occasions. Learning to heal myself with my thoughts has been my greatest find. I have felt spirit beings zoom through me really fast. I read that they travel faster than the speed of light just like heaven---the major frequency band. We live in a frequency existence where all is vibrating as ONE. Quantum physicists say that at the non local level we are all ONE.
I write online to say all these things. I call myself eyelive4ever and my son is Laughing.
My question is: do you think I left my body and just don't remember it? I have tried several hypnotherapists, but with no success. I keep on picking the wrong ones, so I give up. My thinking keeps me alone. I am 59 and not married yet. I am thinking that my family is vibrating in a reality called heaven and this is where I should go. Heaven is our real home. People on earth don't know ONEness. And how could I write a book when I don't even remember leaving my body?

At 4:15 PM, Blogger PMH said...

Many of us are Fifth Root Race people. Please refer to my book, CHILDREN OF THE FIFTH WORLD. Many mystical and esoteric groups, native cultures, have an understanding that the human race developed on earth in phases/cycles or the expanse of "worlds." A root race concerns the core genetics/DNA of that particular phase of development. The Fifth Root Race, although some claim they are just now coming into the world, has actually been around for a while. What we seeing is that the Fifth Root Race is now going into Ascension, that is to say fulfilling itself and is doing so spreading across land masses and population groups. The Fifth Root Race are the masters of communication, innovation, connection, the higher mind, and higher forms of intuitive and spirit presence. This strata of DNA can be seen during the time of Jesus on the earth (a few, not many), during the times of world renassiances, but heavily during the 1800's and especially from 1840 on. The New Thought Movement is entirely Fifth Root Race (Emerson, Thoreau, Quimby).

I suspect that you are one of us, Fifth Root Race types, and in saying that I recognize that you live your life in several dimensions at the same time, not one, and respond to various forms of spirit activity. This ability, I believe, is one of the aftereffects of near-death states and any impactful transformation of consciousness no matter how caused. Some people are simply born that way without having to be flung into it later on because of some transformational event.

They say we're psychic. Well, that word does not mean what we think it does. "Psychic" simply implies the presence of soul. Those abilities most declare as Psychic or Paranormal are just eleborations of faculties normal to us - expansions, if you will. Thus, what you describe seems normal to me. I can't imagine my life now as being restricted to one dimension - rather - I am a multi-dimensional individual who lives in a multi-verse.

If you want to explore this in more scientific ways, I suggest you read the book BIOCENTRISM by Robert Lanza, and ONE MIND by Larry Dossey. I also recomment that you read FUTURE MEMORY - the only book I have ever written where the format of the book is designed on the basis of a labyrinth.

Blessings, PMH


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