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"Close Calls" Post Near-Death Experience


"I had a near-death experience one year ago April. I had a fatal pulmonary embolism and died on my bathroom floor. I was dead for several minutes and I have very clear memories of the episode and what occurred during the event.

"What concerns me now is that since that time, I have had about a dozen "close calls." These were/are startling close-death encounters that did not involve a real death experience - but could more accurately be described as 'Close Calls.'

For instance:

1) Shortly after I had recovered, my very large dog, who's leash was over my arm, jumped after a cat that came very close to him in a horse paddock. I was thrown to the ground and hit my head on the soft dirt of the paddock - but I am on coumadin now, and any internal bleeding in my head could have caused death. I did not have prolonged internal bleeding (by some miracle), but was seriously shaken.

2) About a week later, I passed out while driving through a tree-shaded lane near my home, and narrowly missed a head-on collision with a car going the opposite direction. This same dog, hit my head from behind and woke me up at the last moment during the event and I was able to swerve to safety.

3) Again, some time later, I had a mix-up in my medication that nearly resulted in fatal blood clots.

4) Then again, while my dog and I were dozing in the early evening, a candle which was burning on a table boiled over an aromatherapy liquid that caught on fire and spilled over onto the wooden table. My birds raised such a ruckus that my dog and I were alerted and woke up immediately, and no harm was done except for a burn to the table.

5) And then again, some time later, a crazed drugged young man tried to gain entry to my home by climbing over my fence and pounding on my door furiously. My dog scared him away by barking furiously, and it turns out that the young man was looking for a 'party,' which was taking place several doors away. The young man was found drowned in a creek close by our neighborhood a month of so after that.

6) And recently, I have had two strange auto 'accidents.' A few months ago a drugged (meth.) lady crashed into the back of my auto while I was at a red stop light. No real damage was done, but I was very shaken and the woman sped away.

7) And, yesterday, I was on a highway going north, with my dog and my daughter's dog in the auto, and the truck driving in front of me, suddenly and without warning, stopped dead in front of me, attempting to wait in the two-lane highway, to make a left-hand turn into a hidden driveway, giving me no time to adequately break to avoid the collision. There was a large ditch on the side of the highway which prevented me from trying to go to the side to avoid the stopped truck. I skidded for about 50 plus feet before hitting the truck. It was a miracle that I (and the dogs) were not injured in the slightest, because my auto was completely totaled - having driven under the back of the truck - while the truck was only slightly crumpled in the rear. Also, another strange thing happened - in spite of the terrible crash, the air bags did not release, thus saving the dogs and myself from serious death or injury by the impact of the air bags. It was as if invisible hands cushioned the blows.

"These and several other strange events have, needless to say, really troubled me - and, after my accident yesterday, I am very concerned. Do you have records of others persons who have suffered near death occurrences of these kinds? Or of having these kinds of 'close calls' so frequently?

"Do you know of anything I can do to avoid them in the future?

"Is there a reason for them? Each and every time, I was somehow mysteriously 'saved' and protected from great bodily harm and death. Do you have information about this type of intervention and protection in these events?

"I would appreciate any advice and information you have on these 'close calls.' I feel the need to speak to someone who knows about these things. Thank you."...JoAnn


JoAnn, as a fellow experiencer I can say to you that these types of events happened to me so often I came to consider them a normal part of living in the earthplane and doing what I do. Yes to your idea of protection. Most of us have it. My sense is that we are kept here, in the body, until it is time for us to leave. We are kept here it seems, either because we have a job yet to perform that needs our doing, or, there is something for us to learn or experience and we need to be around to do so. In that sense, then, the strange and the miraculous "protection" experiencers of any age tend to have seems to be purposeful. Considering that you are still here, wearing your body, I would suggest that you think about what I have just mentioned. I know of many cases like yours, some even more startling, about experiencers who have defied accident and death, without any effort of their own.

I would suggest, however, that you become a little more alert than you now are. Don't push your luck. I say this because after a near-death experience our faculties expand and accelerate. That can take some getting used to, and often demands that we reform our habits and tendencies. Your near-death experience was fairly recent. It takes a full seven to ten years before the average experiencer is able to integrate his or her episode, make it real and usable in their life. I know of no one who has been able to circumvent this time factor, although I do know of many who thought they could. It takes time to catch on and learn how to best utilize your brain and nervous system - the way it works now. Give yourself that time by first admitting that you need it. Look around in your area for classes you can take or workshops you can become involved in. Look for psychic development classes/intuitive development, alternative/complementary healing practices, meditation, prayer groups, mindfulness, spirituality (perhaps in Unity Church or the Church of Religious Science - both have credos very similar to what experiencers come back knowing).

If you could get ahold of a copy of my book "Beyond the Light" (now out-of-print), it has a large section for Resources and "dealing with it." The book really goes in-depth about the aftereffects. Some of my other books might also be helpful to you, so look around. I have been told that later this year "Beyond the Light" will be available again through a "print-on-demand" publisher. I'll make that announcement on my website when it is time, so, "stay tuned."

I managed to survive my first three years after my near-death experiences because of a wonderful doctor who was a gifted psychic and an incredible healer. His name was William G. Reimer, N.D. He has since passed, but he was truly my "guardian angel" in how he kept me alive. Yes, I had one close call after another. Not like you, but the same basic pattern. In my case, it was because I did things that I shouldn't have and anyone with better sense wouldn't have. I did them because I no longer related to previous norms or basic caution. I swear I could have "walked on water" then and virtually did.

As I became more grounded and life began to once more make sense to me, my close calls lessened. I still have them, but not like I used to. The research I launched made a tremendous difference in my own life. It enabled me to see through thousands of eyes looking back at me - a very sobering experience. Dr. Reimer claimed I died nine times. Perhaps there were more. I almost died again last July, 2006. Read my article "When Polarities Merge" which is on my website.

Near-death experiencers tend to walk that edge between life and death afterwards - some of us more than others. That knife's edge is a wondrous place, quite enlightening and very instructive. To walk it in joy, though, I truly feel you need to be centered - in touch with your guidance, attuned to the God Within, aligned as much as you can be with your own soul. I tell people - use your m.a.p. "M" - mediation, "A" - affirmations, "P" - prayer. If in doubt, pull out your m.a.p. and use it. I do daily. Without the consistency of that guidance, the reality of that power ever ready within me, I know I would not be alive today. But - I also engage nature and the natural too - so include good exercise, doing dishes the old-fashioned way (toss the dishwasher), clean out your closets, balance your checkbook, and take up pottery, dancing, yoga - whatever brings you back to the beauty of the earth and the wonder of the body you wear and the life you lead. Good stuff.

You're still a little frightened yet from what happened to you. Remember to face your fear. As the litany goes that helped me so much during the first few years after my experiences: "Fear is the mind killer. It is the little death. I will face my fear. I will pass over me, around me, and through me, and, when it is gone - I will remain." I used to chant this in my head until I finally "knew" what it meant. Fear has not bothered me since.

Many blessings, PMH


"Little Big Minds: Sharing Philosophy with Kids" by Marietta McCarty (Tarcher, New York City, 2006) is one of the most important books about the new children, today's children, yet written - and I want you to know about it. Please buy two copies: one for you and the other to take to your nearest school administrator. I've been following Marietta's work for years. She's been outspoken in her insistence that philosophy needs to be taught in grade school. I proposed the same thing in my book "Beyond the Indigo Children." It is a must - now I know why. Philosophy is the art of clear thinking. The ability to think critically and examine one's life is essential to healthy living and the continuance of democratic societies. Our new children are the smartest in history. Most of them know more than their parents do, not to mention their educators. I don't care if they're flunking in school and can't spell - they're smart, and they're clever, inventive, intuitive, and quite incredibly amazing. Forget labels of "indigo," and "crystal" and "starseed." None of these labels adequately describe the range of mind and abilities our new children possess. They're greatest talent, though, and research bears this out, is their ability to abstract: think outside the box. And this great ability is lost with far too many of them by the ages of 13 to 15. Why? Studies tell us the culprit is virtual realities/synthetic worlds. Not that any of these are bad, because they are not. But the kids are using too many of these electronic wonders at too young an age and for too many hours each day, and it's interfering with brain development. What better way to correct this than teaching philosophy in classrooms, in homes, each one teach one: the kids can do it.

Marietta's book has all the tools, examples, and instruction needed for anyone, I repeat anyone, to take philosophy into kindergarten and grades up to the eighth. The best years are the first three grades in school. PHILOSOPHY BELONGS IN GRADE SCHOOL ! ! ! The more open your mind, the better able you are to listen to others. As your mind expands, so does your heart! Our new children are ready for philosophy. It will help them to refine what they already know! Please, buy two books: one for you and the other for your nearest school administrator. Learning the art of clear thinking is more important than you can imagine.

Thank you, PMH


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