Monday, September 29, 2008

Electronic Voice Phenomenon


"I was wondering if you knew what this could be. For a good long while last year, whenever the fan or air conditioning was turned on medium or high, I would hear voices coming from the fan and air conditioning box. I still hear them there occasionally. Sometime last year, the voices I was hearing would talk in a way that was loud enough for me to hear them. Except for one time when I heard my name being shouted outloud, I never could understand what they were saying. When I first heard voices coming from the fan, it sounded like a very large crowd of people talking, then later on when I heard them from the fan, it sounded like five men and two women talking. It was more loud than before, but I still couldn't understand what they were saying.

"I heard from a clairvoyant lady that there is a phenomenon called "white noise," but she told me that she was told who they were didn't make any sense. She said that there are three women living in the vicinity of my house, except they are living on a higher plane of existence. This didn't make sense to me, since there were times when I heard the voices, it sounded like men talking.

"Back years ago, my brother Joey was sleeping in the room that used to be a post office room and he couldn't sleep because he could just barely hear people talking in the back ground, even though the fan wasn't turned on at all nor was it even in the room at the time. My cousin Gene said that someone set down on the bed in the post office room years ago, when he was in there sleeping. He said that he and his mother and brothers searched the house I am living in, but didn't find anyone else there, and found no evidence of an intrusion. To me and my family's knowledge, that particular incident never happened here again. I don't always feel comfortable sleeping in the post office room by myself.

"Also, could you please tell me, I'm going to ask this next question for a reason. When we had our first e-mail exchange back in March of last year, did you sense that my soul was very evolved and very bright?

"Lastly, I was wondering if I could play video games in the afterlife?" ... Daniel


Daniel, I do not sense one way or another about anyone's soul development in my correspondence. That's simply too much to ask of me with the thousands of people I deal with monthly, yearly. Nor can I comment on what you will be able to do after you are dead. There are some people who flatly state what can be found in the "afterlife" and what we will be able to do once we are there. This is doubtful, and borders on psychological programming. Even the best psychics in the field cannot say for certain, one way or another. They can share what they do see or feel, what they sense or intuit, but they cannot guarantee what will await you once you die. That truth is between you and the God of Your Being.

There could be several things to consider as per the fan and voices, or no fan but still voices.

** Radio broadcasts often bleed through the mundane functioning of mechanical objects. Even telephone calls can bleed through into other areas where various machinery is working. With the advent of cell phones and high definition digital signals, this is becoming more and more frequent. . . bleed throughs. A signal can jump from one medium to another. Strange but true.

** Sound doesn't go away. Neither do strong feelings and emotions. We think they do, but they do not. Sounds and strong feelings/emotions can and usually do embed or wind up stored in existing wood, metals, glass, and rocks - ofttimes in or near large bodies of water. For instance, one can tune a radio to certain frequencies while visiting in the country of Switzerland, and "accidently" pick up "live broadcasts" of World War II maneuvers happening in Germany, France, and the Netherlands - all of it in real time - even though over fifty years have passed since the actual broadcasts were made. This is true on a smaller scale, as well. Strong feelings, emotions, even sounds, can be picked up in homes, buildings, on subway trains, in tunnels - many places. That's why people walking the grounds where Civil War Battles were fought can hear canons, men screaming, horses running off. If you don't believe me, visit Gettysburg and walk the fields, especially in late evening. The Electronic Voice Phenomenon addresses this, with people learning how, with a simple cassette recorder, to pick up voices in the air, near a graveyard, under the bed. . . anywhere. There has been a modicum of success in this new field of research, enough to excite a lot of people and inspire them to give it a try. You might google Electronic Voice Phenomenon and see what references you can find.

One does not have to be psychic to pick up lingering sounds or conversations. These sounds exist. Most people never hear them. But sometimes we inadvertently pick them up and are confused by this, or perhaps frightened. This is neither bizarre nor magic. It is simply part of the natural order and the myriad frequencies that permeate our environment, including those we cannot see or readily connect with what we know.

Blessings, PMH


October 2-4 (this week) in Durham, North Carolina, IANDS will hold a near-death conference - this once focusing on Nearing-Death Awareness. Maggie Callanan, a hospice nurse, will be the keynote speaker. Her first book, "Final Gifts," launched this field of study and remains, in my opinion, the best ever written on the symbolic language of the dying and how to understand what is being conveyed. Now, with her new book, "Final Journeys," she takes us even deeper into the special language and behaviors of those about to pass over. If you've never heard Maggie speak before, you are in for a real treat. She is side-splitting funny at the same time as being respectiful and serious. Yup, there's no one quite like Maggie and the special wisdom she offers. There will be activities for near-death experiencers and a proposal to produce manuals, mentors, special ways of helping people deal with the aftereffects, not only of near-death states, but of transformational events that completely change us. For more details, access IANDS' website,, or e-mail at, or telephone them at (919) 383-7940. I will be there. I hope you will be too. –PMH

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At 6:59 PM, Blogger Eliot said...

Goose Bumps !! Googled this (voices in the fan) to see if any body else has had this happen. It's below zero in upstate NY right now but this summer I payed more attention to what I thought I was hearing. Makes one wonder about bab-ling brooks.

At 6:16 PM, Blogger PMH said...

There is a lot of material out now about the Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It is a very real phenomenon. I’ve picked up voices at a quiet cemetery myself, early in the evening with an ordinary tape recorder with a cassette tape in it. Also picked up a plane flying overhead, a train passing by, and people getting out of their car, talking, slamming doors. Note I said, this was a quiet cemetery in the early evening and I and a friend were the only ones there. Google for the group of folks who do this and produce a newsletter on their achievements and news. I’ve been told you can also get pictures and voices over telephone and on one’s computer. I have not tried these outlets, you might. Blessings, PMH


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