Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's Next: The Other Side of Death


"Only recently I started my journey into your research and got a bit confused, maybe you can help me. Here's my question: Is it literally possible to reunite with your loved ones after death? Are there any dimensions or levels where souls can coexist together? Or, every soul creates its own world with thoughts and imagination and resides there alone? Because all NDEs are different, so maybe it's like in your dreams, when you are sleeping and dreaming that you are going somewhere with your husband and kids, and they seem real; but it's only a dream and they are not there but in another room having their own dreams. What do you think of this? Is it possible to be with someone, communicate with your deceased loved ones on the other side, or not?

"And another question: If we're here in order to grow and our world is only a training ground, what are we growing for? What's the purpose of growing? What's next?

"I'd really appreciate if you could find time to answer my questions. Maybe this can be interesting for other 'beginners' like me.".......Olga


I don't know that I can answer all your questions with any real authority, as they are the kind of questions that are perennial for all members of the human race, everywhere, but I will do my best to at least offer something.

Near-death experiencers and research of them, death-bed visions as reported by those who are actually there to witness the event, and some mediums who have been extensively studied, have all come forth with convincing, and sometimes quite evidential reports of reunions with those on the "other side" of life that can and do take place when one is about to die, as one dies, or afterward. This type of evidence is not proof in the sense of what science demands, but such accounts do stand the test of the heart (personal validation). Ask near-death experiencers if what they went through and witnessed was proof to them that life exists on the other side of death and that we see again those friends and loved ones that are now dead, and they will say to you a resounding, "Yes." This answer does not impress a scientist but it certainly does speak to those who've had similar experiences. There is no verification, thus far, that life on the other side of death is singular, accommodating you alone. Rather, it seems to encompass the entirety of the human race, animals, and other life forms, with a type of progression through various realms or levels.

What is all of this for? You must turn to esoteric teachings, mystical and religious revelations to glean possible answers to this question. Most of these sources agree that we are here on earth to wake up and realize our true divinity, our true nature, and live accordingly. Ancient texts and traditions claim that, specifically the human journey, is one of growing in wisdom, courage, and strength until we can at last rejoin the Godhead and become Co-Creators with the Creator. For a better grasp of this idea, I suggest that you contact or visit Unity Churches, Churches of Reglious Science, or read the magazine (digest-sized) called "Science of Mind." This is just for starters. Actually, there are numerous teachers of these concepts across the world, and numerous organizations which address this spiritual or higher reality to life and its living. In the back of most of my books, I give many recommendations that might be helpful for individuals to move past ideas of "religious dogma" and open themselves to broader insights about spirituality. Religion and spirituality do not cancel each other out. They are complementary in many ways. Yet spirituality, of itself, is a more personal, intimate contact with Source, and is more in accord with near-death cases, deathbed visions, and what comes from some mediums and psychics who are more developed in their abilities and more grounded in their approach.

You might explore this larger vein of material, and when you do, please include that wellspring of vision and truth which lies at the core of all religious thought. Too many people forget this yet it is rich with insights and guidance. Blessings, PMH


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