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Pets seen during NDEs


"The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences: The Ultimate Guide to What Happens When We Die" is now readily available through any bookstore source. Easy to read, despite its many pages, the book is proving to be the most up-to-date source of information not only about the near-death phenomenon but about major changes in the field and new views that are quite surprising. The field has really come of age and is now the number one choice of scientists worldwide to study consciousness itself. Over 100 medical schools and universities now teach classes about the subject.

The DVD entitled "The Near-Death Experience: A Major Shift in What We Know About the Phenomenon" is a filmed version of a talk I gave 10-17-07 when The Big Book debuted. In capsule form, it covers what has happened in the field. So far, the DVD is only available from the Online Bookstore on my website at

Please, please, please, get this book (and the DVD as well) in the hands of as many people as you can, especially in hospitals, clincs, doctors offices, schools, universities, parents, teachers, experiencers, people of all sorts - including the media. Near-death research has matured; the field is now more exciting than ever before....and far more challenging!!!


"I lost a pet beloved cat Maurice. He had cancer, but died of toxoplasm, from some raw rabbit food...I basically killed him unknowingly, but never the less...he had diarrea for three months. The vets were sure he had cancer and gave him clavomax which killed his immune system and let his toxicity take over. In the end he was skin and bones and in aching pain. I had no choice but to say goodbye nine-year-old cat...I'm in so much pain I can't breathe.

"Have you spoken to near-death experience people about pets? Do you think we'll see them in the next realm? I can't remember if I did see animals or not, and I don't know my own name right now." MK


I am so sorry for your pain, MK. Please accept my condolences for the death of your beloved friend, Maurice the cat.

It should be heartening for you to know that animals are often seen during near-death episodes, either as part of the scenario or as that initial greeter or guide. Children talk a lot about the animals they see, and sometimes mention an 'animal heaven' they must visit before they can go to the heaven where people are. It's as if the animals in near-death states can speak as people do; they converse and are understood by the experiencer. The love bond between pets and their "owners" appears to be as strong as the love bond between the various members of any given human family. Love is love, and it transcends whatever seems to limit or lessen it. When our poets say that love is unending, the near-death phenomenon affirms this.

I would like to add that deceased pets, just like deceased humankind, often return in spirit form as if to guide, guard, or assist those they left behind, and to somehow 'communicate' that they are okay and not to worry about them. After-death communication that is featured in the book, "Hello From Heaven," can be between pets and pet owners as well as between people. You might get my book "We Live Forever," as it may be helpful to you about this and how common it is.

One of the things I have learned about animals - is that they almost always know they are going to die long before they do, and long before their human family knows - even if a "last-minute mistake" was made in their treatment, and even if a sudden accident occurs that takes their life. They are incredibly forgiving about this, as if they can see or know the broader picture to what was really going on, or were somehow aware of their fate and its meaning. I've also noticed that many animals, especially treasured pets, seem to be aware of why they are on earth and what is expected of them and what their purpose is. They seem to be 'tuned in.' You might read the article I wrote about "DeeDee, the Educated Rat" on my website in the Article Section ( The story is true.

This much I know, there is no need for guilt or shame in what happened to your beloved friend. Forgive all concerned, including yourself, and surrender the situation to God in prayer and knowingness, absolute knowing, that love goes on and your friend is now fine. Perhaps someday Maurice may return to you - in another body. Love will heal your wound. Allow this to happen. Many blessings, PMH

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