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Are There Eternal Bonds?


“I hear that children choose their parents.  Is that right?  Is there an eternal (special) bond between children and parents?  A kind of eternal group spirit?  Or is it more a temporary thing?  Usual souls that chose just for one single life other souls as their parents?  Do children exist before their parents?  Or do parents bring them into existence (create them)?

“Thank you for taking the time to answer.”. . . Konstantin


My goodness, but you’re asking complicated questions to a researcher like me.  As one, I cannot give you any hard or fast or even comfortable answers.  Yet, as someone with a whole lot of experiences in the area of soul, cycles, and energy, I can share a few things.

Edgar Cayce and most mediums and psychics say “yes” to the idea that we choose our parents.  Child near-death experiencers have another take:  they claim, almost to a person, that when it’s time for us to come back, we do, even if we don’t want to.  If you read my book Dying to Know You:  Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience, you’ll find a section on the Big Picture according to children.  Their take in essence is, you get extra “brownie points” if you come back when you don’t want to.  Even if you study astrology or dreams, you get this sense that we wind up with the parents we were supposed to have, whether we wanted that to happen or not.  I must say, though, that in my days as a hypnotherapist, I came across a number of people who claim a mistake was made and they wound up with the wrong parents.  I tend to believe the latter, simply because mistakes can happen - with any of us.  In near-death research, I have come across parents, usually the mother - who was met in her episode by the child or children she had previously aborted.  This is a shocker to most people, suggesting that, at least to me, before you decide on an abortion, check first with the soul of the child.  Does that soul want to come in, or, is that soul willing to go elsewhere and seek out other parents?  I’ve seen so much of this, that I can no longer honor the will of the mother, that it is her decision and her decision alone on whether or not she should carry the child.  I have learned to honor the soul and check there first.
To get a better understanding of soul groups, please read We Live Forever:  The Real Truth About Death.  The idea of souls incarnating in groups and continuing that bond throughout time does have some validity.  Look at the Kennedys or the Barrymores.  History is replete with such things.  

The idea of soul and how we wind up or enfold or bounce around is most interesting and has a lot of credence behind it.  When you’re talking about twin souls, these are the equal halves of the same energy mass, and come together only when something special needs to be done or there is a reason involved that affects many.  Edgar Cayce said Jesus and Mother Mary, for instance, were twin souls.  Usually, the other half remains on the other side, waiting or helping according to need.  Don’t get lovey-dovey when thinking of twin souls.  Often the other half may be an adversary or a challenger, rather than any kind of lover.  When thinking of soul mates, well, that’s a whole other story - and one of love and often involving souls that come back together lifetime after lifetime.  It seems as if everyone is looking for their special soul mate - that perfect or nearly perfect relationship.  There are all types of bonds between souls, like with those who “agree” to be a part of another’s life, and for any manner of reasons - like what happened when many women came together as “sisters” to fight for women’s rights.

Keep all of this in mind when you are considering pregnancy, babies, and soul relationships.  There is no one, I repeat NO ONE, who can say for certain it is one way or another.  Many have good ideas and excellent information, but no one is infallible.  There are always exceptions to any notion you or anyone else can offer.  And, no channel, medium, or psychic is “Pure” in the sense of tuning into the whole picture.  Welcome challenges.  They are what inspire us to go into our own soul and ask in prayer.  Often, when you do that, you come up with better information that makes more sense than what you might get from “experts.”

Many blessings, PMH



At 3:22 AM, Blogger MarilynCamille Redmond said...

Are identical twins different from the term twin souls? I will never stop trying to figure out my twin sister, who ruined my life yet I still love her, I ask for God to punish her severely after her death, and yes, I have forgiven her. My identical twin sister hid it from me that she hated me when we were younger although like Mya Angelo said, "Believe when someone shows you who they really are the first time" because at times she was nice and did loving things, although rarely, after trying many many times over to forgive her even though she was un-repentant, she still has chosen to throw me away. She did what is known as a shame and smear campaign that has went on for a solid 16 years, however it has probably more than likely lasted all of our lifetime. She falls under the category of malignant narcissist sociopath. For example at one point in our lives she knew that I was riding my bike through the ghetto in the wee hours of the morning to and from work and allowed me to do that for several months when I had been begging my mother to give me our deceased brothers scooter so that I could have a safer transportation. Finally when my mother gave me the 50cc scooter she abused my mother for having done so. It was very hurtful that my mother allowed her to control our mother on top of it being very hurtful that my mother by her actions showed me that she really didn't care about me.

At 11:37 AM, Blogger PMH said...

There is no relationship between the two terms: twins, and twin souls.

The type of twin you are talking about is the one who with you shared egg-space in your mother’s womb. My husband is a twin. Sometimes twins love each other, support each other, and have a great time together, even as they age. Other twins don’t get along at all and can even be the other’s worst enemy. I suspect this has a lot to do with past lives. If you ascribe to reincarnation, this may be an answer. Maybe in a past life you were the difficult one, so this time around the “tables turned.” Or it simply may be a joining of opposites for each other’s growth. Do not ever pray for another to be tortured in hell or hurt or punished. Pray instead that she (in your case) be led to her right and perfect life in accord with Divine Order. Say the same prayer for yourself. None of us can be certain why we wound up in the family we did, or had the siblings we did. Still, I have always found reason “colors” such relationships. If the individuals involved are willing to learn from the challenge of trying to get along, or, are willing to accept and move on – either way brings growth. And forgiveness. We don’t have to like each other. Our challenge is to love the true self they are.

I urge you to get ahold of my latest, A Manual for Developing Humans. This will help you to understand your world in ways you may have never dreamed you could.

Blessings, PMH


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