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How You Live is Determined by How You Think


         “Sorry to bother you, but I want to ask you a question that is really important to me.  I thought I could ask this question because you seem to be very kind – because you write beautiful sentences that sometimes help me to be positive despite my fear.  You are always smiling in your photos.  I am French and Paraguayan, and I’m bisexual.  I’m really sacred of going to hell and I’m afraid for my gay friends.  I know you work on NDEs and you said that sexuality doesn’t imply to the negativity or positivity of the experience.  But the only NDEs of gays that I found on the Internet is from Dr. Liz Dale, and there are only 21 cases.  Also, I have read in Yahoo, answers that a Doctor in Alabama has found that 93% of gay NDEs are negative, probably Dr. Jeffrey Long in his book Evidence of the Afterlife.  I don’t find anything on the Internet that proves that he said that about homosexuality, but I’m afraid because what if he’s right.  (The reason such NDEs scare me, because, in my opinion, NOBODY should experience hell.  We should all go directly to heaven, and the only punishment should be being guilty when we see the people we’ve hurt during our life review.  It’s awful that some souls are in these horrible places.)

            “I’ve spent so much time on the Internet seeking answers, reassuring proofs that me and my friends and a big part of humanity wouldn’t experience hell because of loving a same-sex partner.  But I always only find this study of Liz Dale, and all the other ‘informations’ that I find are scary propaganda (with no witnesses, it’s just videos with epic montage, frightening music and paintings of hell that say ‘gays will all go to hell – don’t be gay,’ but it’s still scary).  One day I found the NDE of a ‘former gay porn star that met Jesus’ (you can find it on YouTube if you type that in the research bar), that says he was possessed by the Devil and then met Christ, and then abandoned homosexuality.  In other videos he said that ‘gay marriages are Satanic ceremonies.’  I only read the resume of his experience.  I didn’t watch the videos because I was too afraid and it seemed to be propaganda (because he is also against masturbation).  I really think you should study the cases of gay NDEs.  I hope that a study like that, with more wingspan than the Liz Dale study, would demolish the myths that homosexuals are going to hell, and could really help a lot of gays, lesbians, and transgenders who are afraid.  So I venture to propose that you make a study about LGBT NDEs.  I know this proposition could seem arrogant, because I don’t study NDEs and you are a doctor.  But, it’s just a proposition.

            “Please give me more information about sexuality and near-death experiences.  Because I am really afraid, I cry, even when I try to be positive.  Do you hear a lot about gay NDEs?  Were they positive?  I can’t find enough help around me.  My mother can’t reassure me more than she already has.  (She’s amazing.)  I don’t want my father to know about negative NDEs because he’s easily scared.  So I only tell him about my fear without explaining why I have questions.  Sorry for bothering you.”….  Amelie


            Amelie, I do not know of anyone who has done a major or even significant study of homosexuals and/or transgender people.  Dr. Liz Dale has done a small one, but that's about it.  Nor am I able to because I am currently “over the top” with projects – the current one focusing on near-death experiences with the tiny crowd – from womb to age five.  I have run across homosexual and lesbian experiences, however, and so have most other researchers.  While I cannot speak for Dr. Jeffrey Long, or any other researcher for that matter, I can speak for myself.  My research base, by the way, is nearly 4,000 adults and children.  I am a field worker and have been doing this work since 1978.  This means that most of my cases come from real time sessions and not from tallying website percentages.

            You will love my latest book Dying to Know You:  Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience.  This is the people’s book, a summation of over 5,000 voices, children and adults, who share their truth, their experience, their knowing.  One of the things that emerge from their words is that God does not judge us.  We judge ourselves.  Get on my website at, and go over to “Charts.”  In that section is a chart about what I found with issues of Heaven and Hell.  I think you will be truly surprised if you do.

            As near as I can tell, when one dies you go to that level where you resonate.  It’s like the Other Side consists of multiple levels/dimensions.  The frequency of vibration, who you really are in your heart of hearts, determines that resonance factor.  You do not go to where you think you should or fear you might.  You go instead to the place/level where the truth of your being fits.  Not what someone else says; what you heart says.  No one is condemned.  You stay where you go for as long as needed, for however long it takes you to learn better, then you move on.  That construct of heaven and hell, those layers of vibratory frequencies, have no bottom and no top.  You do not stay in one place, you move on once you’ve learned/experienced whatever was necessary for you.  That may take some time, as different people react and respond in different ways.  There are other souls there to help, to guide, to assist, or to leave you alone.  Again, what you “need” dominates.  No religion on earth “owns” heaven or hell, or, how we learn and grow or refuse to learn and grow.  It’s up to us. . . our choice.

            Yes, there’s a heaven.  Yes, there’s a hell.  Yes, there are borderlands and everything in-between.  There are lovely levels and horrible ones.  Stories that people tell run the spectrum.

            It seems to me from your letter that your challenge is not whether you will rot in hell for being so terrible, but rather, how to discover who you really are.  You are not a homosexual.  That is not your identity.  It may be a lifestyle you have chosen, but that does not define you.  You are a child of God, a co-creator with the Creator.  As you learn more about yourself, as you meditate and pray and contemplate and take classes to expand your worldview, as you learn more about how to think and how to verbalize in ways that are not self-defeating, new doors of reality will open for you.  New strength.  New joy.  New promise.  New potential.  Do not allow sexual choices to overwhelm you.  Learn about health issues, certainly, and how to be who you are successfully and joyfully.  Florence Scovel wrote a book called The Game of Life and How to Play ItRead that book.  If you want to learn more about how to think, read Ernest Holmes and The Science of Mind.  There are classes on the Internet about Science of Mind (Center of Spiritual Living), and especially their teaching about Spiritual Mind Treatments (which is the same thing as positive prayer).  These classes are excellent.  I took the first one in a small church on Walnut Street in Boise, Idaho, after my three deaths.  What a wake-up call.  I highly recommend it to everyone.

How you live is determined by how you think.  Do not let anyone do your thinking for you.

After dying three times in three months, I was left with a body that no longer functioned well.  I lived with a lot of fear.  Someone suggested that I read the science-fiction book Dune.  I did, and was changed by what I learned from it.  There is a Litany of Fear in the book.  For whatever reason, I changed that Litany around, and used my own version to bring me out of fear.  It worked.  Maybe it will work for you, too.  Here it is:

            LITANY OF FEAR

            Fear is the mind killer.
            It is the little death.
            I will face my fear.
            It will pass over me,
                        around me,
                        and through me.
            And when it is gone,
            I will remain.

Blessings, PMH

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At 9:07 PM, Blogger pookdesignz said...

Hi Amelie,

I read your heartfelt question to PMH - and I love her answer to you - I hope Dr. Atwater won't mind me posting this on her blog comment thread. There are a series of gay NDE's on Kevin Williams site: The link containing the NDE that I found notable was Christian Andreason's NDE found here: I found his experience quite beautiful and and uplifting; I can't remember about the rest of the NDE's listed but I do believe they were positive for each of the people featured on the site. I hope these will of be some encouragement to you. I wish you well on your journey as I too struggle with the doctrine of Hell and all that we have been taught about it. I follow a few Christian bloggers who question the rigid doctrine of Hell from the Christian and Catholic church. Their perspectives have helped re-shape my own understandings of faith and have also re-assured me of the loving nature of our Creator - I hope some of their work will bring hope and healing for you as well. They are: John and Benjamin Corey of Formely Fundie. Peace and love, Amanda :)

At 6:25 PM, Blogger PMH said...

My goodness, how strange it is that people attack each other over thoughts and ideas that are protected by law and by conscience. If people want the straight story, all they have to do is read my book, Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story. I am a field worker, and verify everything I do. Some of my work has held up in clinical studies, among them the Dutch study that was published in Lancet.

For more information about Lesbian and Gay accounts, refer to the work of Dr. Liz Dale. This is her specialty. I don’t remember the name of her book right now, but I know she is searching for more stories. Her webpage is: . And here is another webpage of interest: .

Get on my website at , go over to the Charts Section , and there you will find a chart of what I discovered about heaven and hell in near-death experiences. I’d send you a copy now, but your post did not come in with an e-mail, so I cannot post directly to you. Sorry, but you’re going to have to find it yourself. This is also written up in several of my books. The one people like those who have been contacting you need to read is Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience. I’m not interested in opinions. I’m interested in what I can verify in research. The book Dying to Know You contains the words of over 4,000 adult and child near-death experiencers – it’s their words summarized – not research – not opinions – but the truth of what over 4,000 people actually saw, felt, heard, and learned. It is the collective speaking as a collective about the collective experience. There is no other book like it in the world…..never been done before.

Tell you friends about this, everyone you can think of or find. Thank you, PMH Atwater


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