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Is Memory in the Neurons or the Soul?


"I have a few hang-ups still about the NDE phenomenon and related issues (not the "survival hypothesis"......I've pretty much learned to take the leap of faith on that). But what about memory? When I came into the world, I obviously lost any memory I had of/from the spirit world. Back to the drawing board, as they say (maybe the frequent deja-vu I experience is a counter-example). But then, when it's my time to go back to spirit. . . do I regain all of the memory of all past experiences from past lives? Neurologists will say that memory is a function of neuron configurations. . . but the NDE experiencers almost universally seem to be able to remember life details during the experience as if they were in the body. Is my soul a repository of all the memories of all my past lives, the wisdom of which I can access if I am prayerful? Or is it more a matter of, in the spirit world, being able to revisit the life reviews of past lives when it is a good idea to do that, rather than instant recall?

"I totally respect an answer of 'I don't know,' since NDEs and religious teachings both probably don't offer very precise answers on this matter." …Andrew


Yes, what about memory? For those near-death experiencers who undergo a life review, there is no question that detailed and quite specific memories appear during that component of their episode. For the more radical experiencers, such as myself, we can get that double whammy in the sense that all our thoughts, all our words, as well as all our deeds and activities, all come flooding back, or, we are somehow shown them. Not all experiencers, however, are able to bring back this comprehensive type of memory once back in the body. We'll remember bits and pieces afterward, especially if anything really impressed itself upon us, or, perhaps certain scenes that touched off an emotional "buzzer" inside. But all the exact details withdraw once again to the back reaches of our minds. I have only had a few cases that involved past-life memories. The rest, the majority, do not.

Most of us, once on the Other Side, have this knowing that our soul knows just about (if not) everything, that our soul is quite powerful in that way. The soul, our soul, everybody's soul, is that more perfect part of us that is still connected to or somehow in line with God. We also gain the sense that the soul improves in knowledge and experience from the life we lived, just as the soul gained in knowledge from previous sojourns or incarnations or manifestations. The soul is us, our higher self. Spiritual activities and states of consciousness help us to align our personality with our soul. We can merge, and I see that happening with those people who have reached samadhi, peace, or higher states of consciousness, or becoming more loving and caring. I rather suspect that's the goal of the spiritual, of prayer, meditation, and service, "the blessed path," to merge all parts of ourselves together, to become one. Who can say what happens to memory when this occurs (enlarges) - certainly more than that seems likely too.

I used to be a hypnotist specializing in past-life regressions. Once under, individuals suddenly have sharper, sometimes full memory. All hypnotists report this. Once we get the conscious mind "out of the way," the subconscious aspect of the brain can "unload." The accuracy of recall is quite good with most people. That means our memory, yours and mine, exists together and rather complete on some level of our mind. Recall, at least, is certainly possible. Under hypnosis, a trained and experienced hypnotherapist can access levels of mind, levels of incarnations, levels of memory. All is there and reachable, if you know what you're doing.

Don't forget that our body and especially the muscular structure, remembers. Surely you've heard of muscle memory? Once you train certain muscles to move certain ways under certain conditions, they take right off and perform accordingly. This can become subconscious in the sense that you don't have to think about what you're about to do. You just see yourself doing it and you do. Or, you are able to do that given task automatically. You have the memory for it. Many times, the automatic function of certain body parts, the absolute knowing of what to do - comes from previous lives, not this one. So, even muscle memory and other types of body memories can move along with the soul irrespective of time.

Numerous levels of mind and memory are more accessible than most people think. It is ever surprising and sometimes amazing how much our memories improve during the dreamstate and we can "dream" our memories - even bring them back if absent.

Blessings, PMH

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At 4:24 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

” That’s a quote from Jesus in Matthew 10:33, “Whoever denies Me before men, I also will deny before My Father who is in heaven.” I noticed that the talk about who Jesus was was saved for page 224 in the book I read..deceiving. He mostly certainly did say He IS the not only the Jews understanding of Son of God but was prophesied to come 1000 years before he did, but God Himself....yet is treated 'like' an avatar? P.S. Paul was not a tax collector, he was a pharisee. I'm only kindly and fondly suggesting a coming to terms of the written WORD and understand who Jesus IS.which you first said was true then contradicted yourself by rationalizing away scripture, I have an aramaic version..beside..he is written about all through the Old Testament....for all things were made by Him for Him and Through Him...since you reference Paul and that is what He wrote, it might be good to heed that advice. Experience heaven and being enlightened is only a calling and being born anwe is no guarantee..for "Did we not perform miraclesin your Name and preach and prophecy in your Name? ANd I will say, Truly I tell you , I never Knew You"...Look up YADA in Hebrew..that one is missed in the bible and i think you'll understand that based on your experiences..such as I do..but if you read the parable of the wedding feast, you'll find that only those clothed in the RIghteousness Of Christ will pass through The DOOR which is Also Christ. There's no way around it, we are responsible for what we can know and understand and what we do with it, please do not let psychobabble background and 'experiences' deceive us. Remember, Satan is the Father of lies..and will masquerade in our minds with one soul intent, to deny Christ which you've readily done in your book and published it for the world to see. Now I know why it was in the discount bin. "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction" Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom, Knowledge of the Holy One is Understanding" Jesus is God...deny Him that, you deny God. Just a thought of concern and caring hon. P.S. I read the book but by page 200 it's so muddled with 'experience' without Truth that it all became meaningless. I had THree days with The LORD not knowing until afterward that was Who it was, I found out after that fact after reading about every world religion that exists nearly...major ones..and found none of them can amount to Christ. King Nebuchadnezzar Knew him, King David, and King Solomon..and the disciples were all killed for him in only desiring to spread Peace. No other compares to the King of kings and Lords of Lords (no matter what other mystical 'philosophical religion' we dream up. there's always another one..

At 8:05 PM, Blogger PMH said...

The near-death experience and research about it has nothing to do with your religion or anyone else's. It is a real, physical, often third-party verified phenomenon that changes people's lives, both physically and psychologically. The range of occurrence is global and to experiencers who are pre-birth, during birth trauma and/or the process of being born, babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens. The experiencers themselves call it a "spiritual experience." The research community calls it "a phenomenon that defies what we think we know about the human body and the human brain."

Thank you, PMH

At 8:05 PM, Blogger PMH said...

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At 10:26 AM, Blogger Brandon M. Luebke said...

Together with reading some of your other work, as well as much religious and theological work, I have a question! What we're calling the soul--is it more like an etheric/spirit body? I vaguely remember a quote you made from your book "Near-Death Experiences:..." that the soul's outer limit is the skin (I think you may have been quoting an experiencer there--a physician maybe) but it made me ponder the shape of our etheric/spirit body before and after death. It is becoming clear to me that the physical body is a tool our spirit uses to gain experience and 'tone' the muscles of the etheric/spirit body.

I'm very thankful for your work, and am interested to know your thoughts.


At 12:10 PM, Blogger PMH said...

Thank you, Brandon. What I would offer you is this: we have a physical body which we can see, and we have a spiritual body which we cannot see. The spiritual body is most often called the Higher Self or the Soul. In my latest book, Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience, the subject of soul is central to comments made by thousands of near-death experiencers. By the way, Brandon, Dying to Know You is the first book to be published that focuses entirely on the collective voice speaking as a collective about the collective experience. It is not a research book. It is not a personal story, opinion piece, religious or philosophical treatise. The book sums the many – and in so doing speaks directly to direct subjects. There is a chapter just on the soul. From this we can see that the subject really is voltage, we’re talking electrical voltage. Adult experiencers describe that special light as brighter than 10,000 suns. Instantly you’re fried, but there is no pain. Voltage. Whoever sees a figure of any kind as per God or Angel, if asked if that’s what the figure really looks like – same result. It bursts into a huge ball or blast of light. Voltage. What do we gain in disciplines of meditation, prayer, contemplation, devotion to spiritual disciplines???????????????? We become more sensitive, our faculties heightened, our mind released from any bonds, our heart more passionate – we move from belief into knowing – and there is that unmistakable sense that we, us, are merging with soul, the real us, the greater us – the lessor power moving into a larger mass of power. Maybe that’s what spiritual and metaphysical and mystical disciplines are all about – merging with our soul, becoming the real us and learning how to bring that discovery, that union, into everyday life in a way that integrates heart, mind, and soul.

Blessings, PMH


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