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NDE'r: "Please help me get my life back"


"I have come to you seeking help. Up until a few days ago, I was a profound believer in NDEs. Even though I have never experienced one myself, I followed it's well-known paradigim. I based my entire life on it, and I certainly do not regret it. It gave me the strength I needed to achieve so much of my dreams, and helped me enjoy life to the fullest. But a couple of days ago, I was sitting down on the balcony observing the beautiful sky, when a thought crossed my mind. 'Can this be true? Is life really that beautiful? Or is it all just wishful thinking?' Ever since then I do not know what happened to me. I simply stopped believing in NDEs. Everytime I look back at it, it seems like it's too good to be true. Everytime I try to believe again, a voice inside my head keeps telling me 'don't delude yourself...something so good cannot be true.'

"I do not know what to believe anymore. There are so many things people are claiming to be true which are not. And the other way around as well. I do not know what I should believe anymore. I look at all those people not believing in NDEs, and I ask myself 'why?' If it is true, why don't people believe in it?

Also, I was reading your Q&A blog, and the latest question kind of upset me. The thing about the Tom Sawyer guy. In some NDEs I read that it is not our choice whether to stay there or not. Yet in some, people are asked if they want to or not. Now, in most of these, they say they want to stay, but they are asked to think it over, until they choose to come back. And that isn't different from it not being our choice, just a gentler way to tell us it's not our time, I guess. I couldn't find the NDE of Tom Sawyer so I thought I should ask you. Did he say he wanted to stay, and the beings agreed for him to stay? And yet still he came back? If that is so, doesn't that imply in a sense that NDEs are just a dream of some sort? Or did he say he wanted to stay and before anything happened, he came back? Or was he told that he will go back anyways?

"Sorry if I sounded too skeptical, Dr. Atwater. Personally I am amazed by NDEs, and maybe with your help I can believe in them again. I feel like I'm running out of strength without the belief of NDEs in my life. I look at my life right now, and I feel as if I'm looking with the eyes of a stranger. My friends, my beliefs and my dreams...Please help me get my life back."
... Robert


Near-death experiences are nothing to "believe in." They are fact. They happen, and to millions and millions of people worldwide and of every age. They are not always pleasant. Some are nightmarish and haunt people; some are enlightening and uplift people; some challenge people and inspire them to look beyond what they think life is. Since we humans see barely 10% of the electromagnetic spectrum, it is of no reach to claim that experiences like this enable one to access more of what is already present in the world around us and has always been present. It's just that we didn't have the ability to look beyond the view before we were jerked around or challenged by this type of incredible phenomenon.

Please know the near-death experience, really, is just one of many types of transformative experiences that engender either the same or similar aftereffects. Those aftereffects move us closer to spirituality, to a walk with God or Deity, if you will. It is the aftereffects which validate the near-death experience or any type of impactual spiritual experience, not the other way around.

What climbed into your mind recently was your own ego, and your ego planted doubt. That's the ego's job, by the way, to keep you in the limited world of the left-brain hemisphere. Since we have two brain hemispheres, not one, it makes no sense to limit the input we receive. A healthy person is a whole person - whole brained. The world of the ego is important and meaningful. The world of the spirit is also important and meaningful. When you merge them or allow them to blend and work together, well, that's when things get really good - logic and intuition as one. I can't think of anything better - and that's exactly what Albert Einstein said - and look what he did with that combination!!!!!!!!!!! The world has never been the same since.

There are various ways to control one's ego and keep it in check. There are exercises and disciplines which are good for this. I recommend places, people, and books in the back of each book I've written. My favorite for this, though, is the teachings of Ernest Holmes and his book "Science of Mind." Good stuff. You might look into this, if it appeals to you. A good laugh will spin your ego around, since the ego has no sense of humor. Laughter, prayer, meditation, contemplation, poetry, dance, creativity - give your right-brain a chance.

What should you believe in? If you're wise, the God Within.
Many blessings, PMH

(Google Tom Sawyer. There have been several books written about him. He died not long ago, leaving behind not only his family but the effect he had on the thousands of people he helped, taught, and uplifted. The man lived unconditional love!!!!)


"Beginner's Guide to Conscious Dying: The Path to Soul Healing, Peace of Mind, & Unconditional Love," by Diane Goble, MSCC, CCHt, is now available. Diane is a near-death experiencer. She came back to do this work, to help people die consciously and peacefully, ready for whatever might happen next - after they cross over to the "other side."

What makes this small volume so perfectly precious is Diane's ability to see through the veil and help people in a very personal way, specific to their own needs and wishes. Diane has a relationship to this day with spiritual beings, some she met in death years ago when she herself died and then came back, others around all of us - spiritual helpers of every sort. Those who have passed over sometimes return in spirit to be with her, some you may know aided her in writing this book - like Juliet Nightingale. There is an appendices for the type of practical/legal information you need when a loved one dies, plus a good bibliography.

This book is readily available. Should you have any problems finding it on store shelves or via Amazon.com, you can contact her several ways:

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At 10:55 PM, Blogger L Groot said...

Hello -
I was not sure which section to put this under.\I am a rendering using the Goddess Runes and have 1 question.
Under your section of meaning, you only include the first level of meanings and do not go into the 2nd and 3rd levels. You also did not mention the answers that the question stones themselves can give you during a casting, without the aid of the other runs.
I am sure that the Runes themselves must have taught you their other meanings, but why did you not mention them?

At 4:19 PM, Blogger PMH said...

Are you referring to my book, RUNES OF THE GODDESS? Sorry, but I don't quite understand what you mean by my not including levels of interpretation.

I try to show in my book through actual castings that there are many levels to any interpretation. I "show," more than I tell. By showing through illustrations and case histories, one can glean a better sense of how to use intuition and the guidance that comes from spirit. I also offer a CD of how to "know" the various runes and their deeper meanings, and give a shamanic-style meditation. I have learned over the decades of using Goddess Runes, that they work much better as a team, rather than any one dominating another. Yes, one in particular may speak to you, but even that "voice" blends in, supports, or challenges the others within the group setting. If you want to work with a rune on a single basis, I suggest that you use the Ralph Blum runes. That's what they do. The set I write about is older in history and used differently.

Blessings, PMH


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