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Skeptics and the Fear of Death


"I was very hesitant about sending you this e-mail, but I cannot take this torment much longer. It has been weeks since this has started, and it isn't the first time. One day, all of a sudden, it came back. . . my fear of death. This last time was two years ago when I started college. Somehow I had gotten over that, but I don't know about this time. I think the reason this is happening to me is because I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and I keep dwelling on these thoughts (I can no longer afford any medication or therapy). I haven't been able to study anything ever since this has started. If this continues, I will probably flunk college. But I am powerless and unable to do anything. I simply don't have strength any more. I really want to buy your books but unfortunately I live in a third world country. Even though I have the money due to the cheap price of your lovely books, I cannot manage money transfer. I live in a bit of a small house, and my parents are devout Christians. Their beliefs make them happy. I do not want to change that for them.

"So, I decided to read some of the articles in your website. I was feeling better reading them, then I decided to browse around the Internet. I read on a skeptic site about out-of-body experiences, but it was nothing I haven't seen a good reply to, so I was happy. But then I decided to read the comments, and found one that made me shiver and I am more depressed than ever. It was a comment left by someone who used to believe in NDEs, but stopped. The reason he stopped believing is because he went to an IANDS Conference, and he was asking around. He found from one of the researchers who was there, who had been experiencing with people who have OBEs, that despite the large number, none of them had been able to prove they had had an OBE (in the sense that they couldn't describe their surroundings). Is this true? I really want to believe in NDES, but I just can't. Also, I am scared about the AWARE study. What if the researchers come out with negative results? Will that prove that NDEs are not true spiritual experiences?

"On a bit more optimistic note (if that is possible), I have read an article on child near-death experiences. Even though I am 20 years old, I was kind of surprised at how I could relate to the story. I sensed that in some way it described my childhood. Even when I was around 10, I have a rather keen love for 'light.' In the living room, we have a window in which the sun shines right through. I really HATE it when that window is closed. For some reason, I feel like I HAVE to open it, and when I do, I usually like to lay on my back on the couch and just look at the sky. I really dislike the afternoon. It depresses me for some reason. I always felt alienated during my childhood. It was not until college that I met new friends whom I can relate to. I always feel detached from the world. Maybe that is partly due to my ADD and OCD. I have always had a hunger for knowledge, and an amazing zest for life! I liked laughing, studying, and almost anything else (rather ironic considering my situation).

"At first I thought these things were normal, especially since I don't remember having an NDE. But when I read the article on your website about people repressing childhood NDEs, I thought maybe that was the case with me. Do you think that is the case? If so, how do I unlock those memories? Please help me."...Patrick


I attended that same conference where the man said after decades of work he had yet to find one bit of proof about the validity of out-of-body experiences. He spoke the truth from his viewpoint, but that was only his viewpoint. He did not and could not speak for the field of study, only for himself. In the field of study there are thousands of verifications, more than I can count, really, and within my own research as well. Why people like this "authority" makes statements like this (which are not true), is beyond my understanding. Perhaps it is because he was unable to verify any, and interpreted that to mean no one had. Researchers do that a lot, thinking that what they do and who they are speaks for the entire field. Wrong.

For instance, in the field of near-death studies, there has yet to be a single skeptic who has researched the entire phenomenon (the experience and the aftereffects). They only look into bits and parts, never the whole thing. That means there is no skeptical approach yet that has the bearing and weight of true research. Not one.

The near-death phenomenon does not prove there is an afterlife, yet of all other human encounters, it comes the closest to revealing what death may be and what may happen after death. As a fact, the phenomenon actually reveals more about life than it does death, a life that far exceeds what we think life is, what our faculties are, our purpose or mission in life, and what we are capable of. For this reason, if none other, the near-death phenomenon is the most important field of research today. Whether or not the AWARE project proves anything new or not, it is still a valuable step forward. I personally doubt they will be able to "prove" out-of-body experiences as part of the near-death phenomenon, because of the protocol they are using. It is full of "holes" and may not work. I really doubt that it does work. OBEs as part of near-death states evolve around emotion and are emotional. This is something that bothers "science," and something science has no real way to measure. Pim van Lommel, a Dutch cardiologist, comes out with his great book later in 2009. I am sure it will be most incredible, and with the type of verification scientists should welcome.

Excessive fear is a state of mind. Perhaps something happened to you while you were young, or a past life is "bleeding through" or making itself known. A good past-life regressionist tends to be better than a doctor with this. But you want a trained transpersonal hypnotherapist. This is the best type to go to. You must check credentials, though, to make certain the individual is who he or she claims and has good endorsements.

ADD and OCD can be caused or irritated by diet/allergies in food. A number of psychologists in Canada are now giving such children (those with "learning disorders") food tests to check on food allergies. By doing this and with some good counseling, they are turning around 80% of their cases: no more learning disorders. You may be able to check on this yourself. Investigate through the Internet how to check on foods that may be harmful to you or causing problems. I was born with dexlexia and synesthesia, and became a stutterer because of how I was treated by kids at school. Determination is a funny thing - I was so determined to teach myself how to keep a focus, talk right, read right, that, after three years of effort, I was just fine, did well, and turned my grades around for the better at school. We didn't have special education classes then. If something was the matter with your faculties or brain, that was your tough luck. Guess I was born a fighter, because I refused to accept the verdict. I also had a number of major illnesses as a child. I wouldn't accept them, either. Check your intention. What is it you want? Lay out a plan to get there, do it, and you will. You have to stay the course, however, and not give up.

You're not afraid of death.

You're afraid of life.

Seize the life you have and live it fully - your way - not some other person's way. I like things squared up on table tops and throughout our house and wherever I am. That doesn't make me OCD. It just means I'm a neat-freak. Yup, I can see a dirt ball at 40 paces. Chuckle.

Bless yourself. You have more going for you that against you. Remember that! PMH


I have never done this before - telling you about the talks and workshops I offer, but it feels right to do so now. Just access my website at and move over to the Talks and Workshops Section. You will see that I offer a broad selection: anywhere from subjects like the near-death experience and its evolutionary aspects, to fun-intensives about relearning how to live life's basics in new ways ("Thriving Skills for Dynamic Times"), to rediscovering that life itself is a dream and how we can recognize and interpret "those" symbols ("Day and Night, the Symbols We Create"). And don't forget, Rune Casting Playshops using Goddess Runes (these are not like oracle runes and are much more specific - they are a particular divinatory system that fosters whole-brain development, not just right-brained).

Two new ones have been added (1 1/2 hours each or could be extended into a half-day session), and they are mentioned here. Don't forget I can gear my material to your needs or the wishes of your group. You can easily contact me through my website.

(1) "Revelations from the Near-Death Experience"
  • - everyone has a purpose in being born
  • - most experiencers return to life because they have more work to do
  • - the pressure to be about doing their purpose is relentless
  • - some state that the greatest sadness they have endured afterward is never learning what their purpose is
  • - child experiencers have a solution to this
  • - revelations of the "Big Picture" from adult experiencers
  • - revelations of the "Big Picture" from child experiencers

(2) "The Will of the Soul"
  • - the incredible power of our soul is unveiled in transformative experiences
  • - we begin to recognize that the soul, our soul, has a will and agenda of its own
  • - soul cycles, soul waves, soul groups, twin souls, the goal of souls
  • - manifestations/ensoulments
  • - the human form
  • - our comings and goings
  • - we have gifts to share
  • - the talents we bring in, and what we did with those talents when we leave
  • - fate/destiny/free will
  • - the numbers 12 and 13

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