Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Mayan Calendar and 2013

I've been following the chatter amongst folks about prophecy and the Mayan Calendar. Please keep in context that most of the ancient calendars from far-flung groups around our planet are turning at about the same time as the Mayan, that long-standing prophecy for this time in our history points to major changes that coincide with calendar predictions. With astrology, the same. No matter what tradition you explore, you find basically the same time - we are smack in the middle of The Great Shifting. In astrology we understand this as a turn of the Great Cosmic Year (a 25,920-year cycle). In my book, "Beyond the Indigo Children," I talk about this at length. Within the next several weeks, I'll have a DVD to offer on my website that is a filmed version of a talk I gave about this subject.

This is not the end of the world, nor does the Mayan Calendar indicate any such thing. It is the end of a huge cycle, far bigger than the Great Cosmic Year. To the Mayan elders, it is the end to styles/trends/pulsations/energy factors/life rhythms/weather patterns as we have known them. We live on. The world goes on. But the way we do things, what we believe, how we function, the way we respond to each other and the challenges we face - all of that will alter and alter some more. The old way of thinking and living, that is what is coming to an end - maybe not overnight - but certainly during this timeframe, which will stretch on for many years to come.

We are about to enter what is called the final Fifth Night of the Mayan Calendar. This occurs around the third week of this November and lasts for several years (I think until 2010 or 2011 - although some may argue this). The Fifth Night as a patterning is considered a time of destruction where the old way of doing things is overturned, making way for a new order. During previous Fifth Nights, historically, the following occurred: the Dark Ages, the Great Depression, Nazism, Stalinism, the Holocaust, WWII, the Korean War, the dropping of the atomic and hydrogen bombs. It has been predicated for this last "gasp" of Fifth Night energy, we may see the collapse of the international monetary system and the beginning of the end to values mediated by the left hemisphere of the brain. Following the Fifth Night, we then enter a period of Renaissance, the beginning of the Sixth Day and the flowering of unity consciousness.

I tend to be a little careful about claiming that a Golden Age will soon flower, arising as if a phoenix-bird from the ashes of what went before. And I tend to hesitate about this because of what I found with the children who had undergone near-death states, and were a part of my research (refer to "The New Children and Near-Death Experiences"). Of the 277 in my research base, a little less than a third of them were quite adamant about why they were here. To a child they would say, "I'm here for the changes." When I pressed them as to what that might mean, they would describe times of change so tremendous that the earth would need all the help it could get, and so would the people who lived on earth. You can't get timing with any reliability with kids, so I asked them to describe what they would look like when these big changes came. They would either say they were adults with older children of their own or grandparents with grandchildren. I pulled out my handy-dandy calculator and did some figuring, projecting ahead in concert with the age they were now and the age they would probably be when a scenario like this could be expected. The result was the span of years from 2013 through 2029 when they said the biggest earth changes would occur.

Now, that is very interesting to me as a researcher, but what was even more interesting was when I read the book "Generations" by William Strauss and Neil Howe. They're my favorite of the generational researchers and I consider this book of theirs a "bible" in the field. Toward the back of the book they projected ahead with future generational cycles and the kinds of pressures these groups might face. In essence, the years between 2013 and 2029 were the time they felt when the United States would be faced with the greatest challenge to its continuance ever, a time of great achievement and indescribable tragedy. They warned that the energy within this timeframe could equal that of the major wars we have faced, all put together. It is a sobering passage - WHICH MATCHES THE SAME TIMEFRAME THE CHILDREN DESCRIBED!

When people get excited about 2011 and 2012, I find myself now doing a backstep and saying "We'll see." Commonsense alone tells us that if major infrastructures and belief patterns change, there will be a span of time afterward for "the dust to settle." We see this truth with near-death experiences and with other types of consciousness transformations.....yes, the event which tips us happens in a second and our world is forever changed because of it.....but those aftereffects take some time to adjust to and integrate. At least a minimum of seven years in my research (which has been verified in the largest clinical, prospective study ever done on near-death Holland..and published in The Lancet medical journal).

Huge changes in our society and everyone else's society have already happened, are happening now, and will soon expand and accelerate in ways that will be spectacular, surprising, wonderful, and troubling. And when these flips and turn-arounds seem to simmer down - the really big ones will start. It is that timeframe from 2013 through 2029 that concerns me the most, after the ancient calendars have rolled over.

Hopefully, all of us, certainly people who read this blog, have discovered by now the value of intuition. Learning to listen, trust and expand one's intuition can enrich life incredibly. It is my belief that once intuition is accepted as the equal of intellect, once the silence of presence, of feeling, of the heart in step with the mind, becomes normal to us - once we model this, teach it, live it, then the challenge of change will be easier to handle. We will be more prepared and others too, calmer, more centered, ready to ride the waves of whatever our tomorrows may bring with joy instead of fear.

Blessings to all, PMH


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