Sunday, June 18, 2006

Is personality stored in celluar DNA?


"I recently read about heart transplant recipients aquiring some personality traits of the organ donor. Do you have insight as to whether the personality is somehow stored in the cellular DNA, or if the spirit of the donor is connected to the heart regaining life as it is 'resuscitated" after implantation - as similar to an NDE when the spirit is returned to the body after resuscitation? Would the donor spirit be bound to the recipient during the physical lifetime of the recipient? Any thoughts? God bless you for the sharing of your story and research. You have helped change my life. Thank you." .....Terry


Science has known for many years that memory is stored throughout the body. Every cell, every molecule, of our being carries within it a component of our essence, what makes us who we are. We also know that every cell, every molecule, is intelligent of itself. Many near-death experiencers speak of this when they return to life - that everything is intelligent and has memory. Modern science can confirm this, at least to a point.

The question of personality, the extent to which our cells, our very DNA, is embued with our personality, is one that riles some and fascinates others. Organ donation, though, has brought the debate to the field of medical science and we now have some credible evidence, the type that cannot be ignored, that some part of our personality does indeed permeate our vital organs and goes with that organ into the body of another - in the case of organ transplants. Read the book, The Heart's Code, by Paul Pearsall. A careful and detailed researcher, Dr. Pearsall has come up with stunning evidence that reveals a direct correlation with new memories and traits suddenly popping up in organ recipients that are unlike anything they would know or do, that are typical of the donor. Some of these links are so strong, they are undeniable. With skin, bone, lens, and tissue transplants, linkage doesn't seem to be that strong - although there have been reports of some former personality memories being picked up by recipients. This research is still in the pioneering stage - yet other professionals besides Pearsall are now involved in the same study, and coming up with the same results.

The one organ transplant where most of the reports of personality transference come from is the heart. Medically, we now know that 60 to 65% of all heart cells are neural cells - the same as in the brain. Today, the heart is considered the fifth brain structure (along with reptilian, limbic, neocortex, and pre-frontal lobes). The heart creates an electromagnetic field around it that is identical to that of Earth. The heart, then, is not just a pump. It is a brain, an emotional one. I talk a lot about this in my book, Beyond the Indigo Children.

The idea that our soul might be bound to any part of our physical body in death, is refuted by the millions of testimonies received from near-death experiencers around the world and in every culture, not to mention from other sources of afterlife material. We are not our body. Our body is something we "wear" or inhabit during our earthly sojourn. When we die, we leave our bodies behind and take on a spirit body that goes on to other realms, other dimensions, or "hangs" around this one until released or in some manner let's go of what holds it back. That any and every part of our body might be imprinted with our essense, is a reasonable assumption and one that seems to be holding up in the medical research concerning this issue that is now ongoing. PMH


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